Pros & Cons On Installing Security Camera in Your Home

It is actually hard to imagine how people existed and lived back when there were no security cameras. It has been proven that crime has drastically gone down ever since security cameras were installed in homes. Thanks to technology, security cameras have added some sort of value in our lives. However, as much as they are of value to any premises; public or private, they have to some extent brought about some negative repercussions. To better understand the necessity or burden brought about by this product of technology, you need to weight the pros and cons on installing security cameras in your home.

How To Choose The Right CCTV Supplier



The major reason as to why people install security cameras in their homes in Singapore is to enhance security measures. Homes with security cameras that are broken in to have had the burglars arrested and their belongings restored. This is however not the case for people who do not have this secure item of technology installed.

Promotes Good behavior

People working in a home that has security cameras installed are reported to handle themselves in a good conducive manner especially if they are aware of the cameras. This way, work gets done much faster and in the correct manner in fear of being fired or disciplined. Having cameras installed in a home also ensures that things that are misplaced can easily be found simply by going through the videos.


Invasion of privacy

Security cameras especially hidden ones are known to be violators of privacy and in some areas, against the law. This is one of the major reasons as to why people are advised to notify the public that the premises they are in is under surveillance. People have the freedom to do what they feel fit to do anywhere as long as it doesn't violate other people's rights. The same case applies in home. Surveillance cameras greatly invade people's privacy which in turn brings about discomfort and conflict. This is especially the case for security cameras fixed in the bathrooms and bedrooms as these are some of the places where one needs optimal privacy. However, if the cameras are going to be fixed in these places, one needs to be alerted.


Security cameras are very costly especially in areas that are not technologically advanced. Purchasing the products and having them fixed can cost quite a lot hence bring about a financial baggage. One might really be in need of a security camera may be due to high insecurity in the area but the cost might drill a hole in their pocket. This puts the person in a fix especially if they really need the camera but in a bad financial status.

Security cameras are of course a benefit to any home especially due to raised security purposes but it is difficult to ignore the disadvantages. In this case it is advisable for one to have the security cameras installed but in common places like the kitchen and common room. If they must be installed in the bedroom then the owner of the room has to be alerted beforehand in order to switch it off when need be.

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