8 Tips On Building CCTV Installation

It is good to keep the home or business secure all the time, and it doesn’t need you to have very valuable or very expensive stuff for you to take measures to keep your property safe. Closed Circuit Television Cameras can immensely benefit any home or business premise. The CCTV helps one to videotape a preferred area inside your home or business premises. Some homeowners who install CCTV cameras can link the surveillance cameras to alarm systems within the home or alert security officers or emergency contacts. The footage can be watched at the time of recording or later, if there was a problems. Below are eight proven tips to ensure you properly install the CCTV cameras right off the bat.


1. Choose a Camera Right For Your Situation

Research and choose a CCTV camera that is right for your situation. There are many CCTV cameras on the market today. Some of the cameras work differently and are designed for varied situations. It is, therefore, wise to research on the available CCTV cameras, the kind of situation each is designed for and then choose a CCTV camera that is appropriate for your peculiar situation. For example, there are motion detection cameras that start working only when they detect movement inside or outside the premises. Moreover, if, for instance, you are seeking to just scare away petty intruders, overt CCTV cameras will suffice. But if you clandestinely want to monitor the behaviour of your house help and how they treat a family member under their care, then it is wise to go for covert surveillance cameras. Before buying the CCTV cameras you need to find out the items included in the CCTV camera. Some packages may contain the camera and cords. Others may also come with a player to view the tapes, a remote control or extra cords. If the CCTV camera you purchase doesn’t come with cords, then you can buy a standard CCTV installation cord. You will need a screw driver, screws, drill and other equipment to successfully install the CCTV surveillance system.

2. Choose a Suitable and Strategic Place to Install the Camera

You will determine the suitable and strategic place depending on the area you’d want coverage and where the camera won’t be exposed to weather hazards. Ideally, you should place the camera where the ceiling meets the wall because here the camera would naturally be shielded from all elements of the weather and it will give you the widest angle of viewing the area you want covered. You should also avoid attaching the cameras to the gutter. There is usually a temptation for home owners to attach the CCTV camera to the gutter because the gutter is high up. But the problem arises owing to the fact that the camera will be completely exposed to the weather, and its weight will exert undue stress on your home’s guttering system. Another blunder a homeowner should be wary of is limiting the cameras to just the front door of the house. The truth is that you also need surveillance cameras to your back doors, any side entrances and over sliding glass entryways. You may also consider mounting a camera at the top of basement stairs just in case someone gains entry to the premises. One other suitable place to mount CCTV cameras include heavily-trafficked areas of the home such as gates and walkways, or locations with thick shrubbery as prowlers can lurk there.

CCTV Installation

3. Ensure there is enough light where you install the CCTV cameras

Unless the surveillance cameras have an infrared feature, or their lens can work well in dim lighting, then, you will need to put or install exterior lighting in the area which you want observed. It would be better if you install exterior lighting with motion sensors- if possible.

4. Make Sure the Cameras are Sturdily and Firmly Mounted

The danger of mounting surveillance cameras loosely is that vibrations from walking or any other movements make the cameras to shake or wiggle, thus, the image the surveillance cameras would be transmitting will inadvertently be distorted. To obviate such an eventuality, support the cameras with additional mounting bracket.

5. Don’t Place the Camera within the Reach of Burglars

If you place the surveillance cameras right above your basement window, for example, they will be within the reach of burglars and other intruders. That way, burglars can easily disable the cameras. Therefore, instead of mounting it above a basement or other place where it will be susceptible to vandalism or disabling, you can mount it under the eaves, or on the roofline of a second-story house and direct its lens towards the basement window
Building CCTV Installation

6. Ensure DC Power Is Sufficient

If the direct current electricity in your home is not sufficient for the cameras, you can easily cause damage to your home or to your cameras. Therefore, you should first check to ensure the DC power required is sufficient enough before you plug the cameras into the power supply.

7. Do not Leave Wires Exposed

There is no need to belabor this point. Every adult understands the dangers of connected live wires. Leaving wires exposed can cause damage to your home, to the cameras, to your pets, to your family members and even to yourself. Before leaving, make sure all wires are neatly tucked in their insulation material to avoid any unforeseen accidents and losses.

8. Don’t infringe on the privacy of the caregiver or other people that you monitor even as you need sufficient surveillance

Every person, including your caregiver, has a right to privacy. If you are installing CCTV cameras to monitor the activities of the babysitter, for example, then allow her some privacy by not installing the cameras in her room or toilet. Limit the surveillance to rooms where she is usually with the children, such as the children’s bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. Furthermore, you need to monitor your nanny if the children are too young to inform you if they are being abused. If the kids can talk, they can themselves report if the nanny is abusing them.

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