Choosing The Best CCTV For Corridors

Every business is unique. There are no two business premises with the same corridor layout. These days, most businesses consider CCTV cameras a crucial tool when securing their assets against theft. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the best type of CCTV for corridors. Hopefully, theft at the workplace will be a thing of the past.

Choosing CCTV for Corridor

1. Possibility of remote connectivity

Thanks to technology, we can now replace many stationary security guards with many strategically placed cameras connected to one command centre. In the workplace, you can install several CCTV cameras in corridors to cover all angles. Modern CCTV cameras have networking support and they can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. Perhaps the biggest benefit of remote cameras is that all information is saved in the cloud so data loss is almost impossible. Gone are the days when CCTV tapes would become unreadable and we lose valuable footage
2. Facial recognition

Let’s be honest, it's great when you have a camera that sends a text message to your phone when someone passes through the corridor. But should you be alerted every time an employee uses that corridor during their normal routine? Of course not. As business owners, we’re tasked with many things and our time is better spent doing other things other than asking who used what corridor and at what time. Get a CCTV system that uses facial recognition to identify intruders. This way, you will only be alerted when need be.

3. Choose between recording hours or video quality

Cctv cameras are connected to DVRs (digital video recorders) that store the video data as a time lapse. They work just like hard drives in computers. Theoretically speaking, a 4TB DVR will give you more recording hours than a 2TB one keeping everything constant. However, higher resolution recordings usually use up more space than lower resolutions. This means that you’ll get fewer hours from the same disk if you choose to record at a higher resolution.

Choosing CCTV for Corridor

Obviously, you could get more hours by adding another drive but most people prefer to record at a lower resolution(360p) instead of 720p and they get up to three times more recording time. Sounds economical, doesn’t it? Do your math and find the perfect balance.

4. Corridor Location

Is the corridor located next to a large window or will you be required to add additional lighting? How big is the corridor? This will help you determine how many cameras you will need and their ideal locations. You have one goal here: Use the minimum number of CCTV cameras to achieve the maximum effect. I often find people asking me “What’s the best type of CCTV for corridors.” This is a good question. However, there’s no straightforward way of answering to this. The goal of CCTV camera is to identify who did what and at what time. As long as it meets this basic camera, then its technically the best camera.

This is where strategic planning comes into place. CCTV is used to identify people and vehicles. What area must a person pass through to access the corridor you’re securing? Identify these avenues of approach and ensure that there are CCTV cameras dedicated to these points. Start by securing the doors and windows.

5. How many cameras do you need?

They say that you should set a thief to catch a thief. It’s time to think like a burglar. What areas would you use to gain unauthorized access to that business premise? Secure them. Would burglars come during the day or at night? Get infra-red CCTV cameras if you think they will come while its dark. Answer these questions and you will know where to place CCTV cameras.

6. Wired or Wireless cameras?

In most cases, wireless cameras are better for corridors. They are considerably easier to install and the most important thing is that you never have to compromise aesthetics by having unsightly wires hanging. Besides, the world is going wireless. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade. However, wireless cameras have their shortcomings too. First, they share the 2.4 GHz with wireless printers and routers at the workplace. This means that they are susceptible to electronic interference and they randomly experience downtimes once in a while due to this. Thankfully, they have an inbuilt DVR that records video and sends it as soon as the feed is made online.

If there are trunks passing through your corridor, go for wired CCTV system instead. They are more economical and they’re ideal for that scenario as you already have a trunk to hide eyesore wires in any way.

Choosing CCTV for Corridor

7. Budget

Just like in all other fields, when it comes to getting a CCTV system, you get what you pay for. Sure, you could get good cameras at a bargain by being diligent in your shopping but you’re more likely to be disappointed by cheap cameras. I’m not implying that all expensive things are good but cost and quality go hand in hand most times. Hire a trustworthy contractor that knows the ins and outs of this trade. They will give you pointers on getting the best type of CCTV for corridors without compromising on your budget. This is what they do for a living.

8. Go with reputable Brands

Honestly speaking, I’m yet to see someone impressed by the video quality from a CCTV camera by these generic brands. First stay clear of those CCTV kits. They offer very limited options and they are no match for the corridors at the contemporary workplace. Invest wisely in getting the best type of CCTV for corridors and you will never have to replace them again.

9. Avoid common pitfalls

Many people have made mistakes when buying CCTV cameras and their equipment. Don’t be part of the statistics. Ensure that you’re purchasing a DVR package that comes with all accessories. Ensure that you have the software and remote. Again, take one final look at your corridor before shopping for a surveillance system. They are generally expensive and you cannot afford to make a mistake here. The key to installing a good surveillance system to your corridor lies in doing your due diligence well. Now that you’re in the know, chances are you’ll make the right decision today.

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