How To Clean Your CCTV Lens in 6 Easy Steps

The increasing criminal activities in Singapore had made it mandatory for almost all the commercial establishments to install CCTV surveillance equipment in their premises to protect them from vandals, shoplifters and thieves. Even the homeowners had started installing surveillance cameras in their property to strengthen their security from the housebreakers and thieves. The increasing popularity of these security equipment had encouraged people to use them not only for external security but also for internal security in the large business and industrial establishments.

 How To Clean CCTV Lens In 6 Easy Steps?

CCTV cameras and other security equipment are not inexpensive so it is necessary to maintain them carefully to enjoy their services for long time. Installation of surveillance cameras and other security equipment in Singapore is not enough for the effective safety of any establishment unless they are properly maintained. You should know how to maintain your security system if you have installed one in your premises, commercial or residential, for improving its security. By maintaining your surveillance equipment properly like other electronic equipment in your office or home you are not only improving their life but also increasing their efficiency for long time. 

Increasing demand of these CCTV security cameras during last few years had boosted the security logistics industry considerably. Everyone engaged in this industry including manufacturers, designers, engineers, suppliers and repairers is making money handsomely. They have developed the installation, repair and cleaning components for these security equipment to improve their efficiency for long time. 

After knowing the importance of maintenance for your security system it becomes necessary to know how to maintain it effectively. You should not allow dust and dirt to affect their efficiency. While searching on internet for how to maintain a surveillance system you can find a number of websites which can guide you about cleaning your security systems and lens of surveillance camera. Cleaning of the lens of close circuit TV camera is most important for effective surveillance of any premises as the results of these cameras can help in detecting a crime if they are properly identifiable. 

Some of the easy and effective steps for cleaning the lens of your Close Circuit TV camera are provided here under for your guidance.

Step 1: Before cleaning the lens of your CCTV camera you should first of all turn it off otherwise you may accidentally spoil its electronic system. Moreover by stopping the working of your camera you can also clean the body of your surveillance camera along with its lens.

Step 2: Now you can use a can of compressed air to blow air on the lens for cleaning dust and dirt accumulated on its surface. 

Step 3: You can also alternatively blow air from your mouth, if can of compressed air is available to you. But while blowing air from your mouth you should be careful for the creation of moisture on the outer surface of CCTV lens. 

Step 4: You should now wipe the lens of your camera with a piece of microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is very soft and smooth cloth which is preferably used for cleaning camera lens to avoid scratches on their sensitive surface. You can get microfiber cloth from optical shops or any other cloth retail store for this purpose. Other type of cloth with harsh fibers can scratch the surface of CCTV camera lens which can adversely affect its efficiency. 

Step 5: Application of a good quality lens cleaner solution is the next CCTV lens cleaning step after wiping the lens with microfiber cloth. This solution can be bought from the online or offline retail stores dealing in security system maintenance products. You should buy this solution carefully as it may not damage the coating on the lens.

Step 6: You can also moist the surface of your CCTV lens by breathing directly on it as an alternative, if suitable lens cleaner solution can not be arranged easily. The moisture created by your breath will serve the purpose of a lens cleaner at such situation. You can wipe out the moisture with a piece of microfiber cloth for easy and effective cleaning of your camera lens. 

Thus the 6 easy steps briefly discussed above can help you in cleaning your CCTV lens successfully for availing its effective services for many years in Singapore. 

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