Importance of CCTV Cameras And Their Types

The innovation of CCTV Camera has improved the security system. These cameras are an important deterrent. They have a strong impact on people who create a nuisance or potential criminals. Their power lies in the visibility. The more conspicuous these cameras, the more likely people are to behave themselves. The awareness that you are being watched makes a huge difference in a person's behavior.

CCTV Types

Why should you install CCTV cameras?

The best way to if the house owner is not around is usually the absence of cars from the driveway, outdoor lights not switched off during the day and night. The close up look that some burglars refer to is a dead giveaway.

Put obstacles in the way of burglars

Put obstacles in the way of burglars, one of the biggest deterrents is the siting of CCTV cameras on outside walls. Well lit streets and dogs who make lots of noise. Install good locks including deadlocks on doors, and window locks.

Different types of CCTV cameras that are available

Outdoor Dome Camera

You do not require any additional housing for this type of surveillance cameras, while installation. Remember the term 'dome' only refers to the design shape and has got nothing to do with its functional specifications. If you buy this type of CCTV camera online then you can be assured that it's vandal resistant. This makes it a highly used and recommended type for security. It is also a great idea to install it as it consumes very less electrical power. Its other key advantage would be its discrete design. This makes it great for retail and domestic applications as it is hard to recognize dome models as cameras.

Infra-red Eyeball Dome Cameras

These type of surveillance cameras are almost the same in shape as a general dome camera and provide the advantages that come along. What makes these better and sought after is the fact that they have built-in night-vision which is usually around 15-35 meters. The biggest advantage of having these is their lower costs and faster installation as it comes as an all in one solution if you buy a proper CCTV kit online.

Outdoor Bullet Cameras

These are large size cameras and thus are capable of providing the best way to deter thefts around the premises. These type of surveillance cameras can be fixed in both ceiling and wall as per your specific needs. The mounting bracket that comes along makes it flexible enough to swivel both horizontally and vertically to get the best view of the premises around. It is quite possible that such cameras seem to be large and heavy. This is because they are equipped with big lenses for a long-ranging distance view.

CCTV Types

You can even buy CCTV kits online with an infrared illuminator to upgrade your surveillance for long distance night vision recording.

PTZ Cameras

Cameras with the ability to Pan, Tilt and Zoom are PTZ cameras. This simply means that you can control your camera even from a remote location. These are meant to be used in vast areas that require a large number of surveillance cameras. Instead of exceeding budget and labor required to install various cameras, PTZs can be used. Buy CCTV camera and accessories online with PTZ features more so because these provide a nice bridge between requirement and cost of having many closed-circuit television cameras.

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