7 Useful Tips When Installing An Outdoor Camera

A home security system is essential for homeowners today. Many do not equipped their homes with one due to the costs that they believe are associated with them. A system that is equipped with outdoor security cameras is the most ideal choice. There are homeowners that, in order to decrease costs, use fake cameras. This will offer some deterrent, but only if a possible intruder is not tech savvy and does not notice the missing hardware. Also, faux cameras do not provide home owners with footage that can be used to keep them safe or act as a witness should anything truly occur.


The use of outdoor security cameras will extend the reach of a traditional security system. They also provide a security approach that is more proactive and preventative. It is possible to install security cameras yourself, which will decrease your overall costs. Do not allow your home to go unprotected due to a tight budget. The following are tips to help you with the installation of you security cameras.

Place Cameras Strategically

Take a stroll along the perimeter of you home. Note the areas of your home that are high interest. These areas include those that are filled with shrubbery or brush and those that are high traffic as well as points of exit and entry. You will want to place cameras in these areas in a manner that is covert while still able to obtain wide angle surveillance. Outdoor security cameras need to be tucked away near basement windows, garages, pathways and doorways. These ideal areas will also permit homeowners to monitor who is coming and going from their home, as well as who is coming near their home.

Consider the Wiring

It is very important to consider how the cameras would need to be wired throughout your home. It is best that if wiring is required for the installation of outdoor cameras, that the wires enter the home direct from the camera’s base. Homeowners should never want wiring that spans the exterior of their home. The latter provides intruders with the opportunity to cut the wiring and enter your home undetected. Keep in mind, that even if you choose wireless outdoor cameras, a wire will have to be run from the camera to an electrical power source.

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Mate your Cameras with Lighting

Cameras that are not equipped with night vision technology are essentially useless after sunset. This is why it is quite important to mate your outdoor cameras with exterior lighting. Most experts within the industry recommend that homeowners use motion detector lighting with their outdoor security cameras. The technology that drives motion detection is perfect for outdoor cameras. The motion activated lighting allows homeowners the ability to scan, easily, through archived footage in order to determine who or what activated the lights.

Have a Monitoring System

In order for a security system that contains outdoor cameras to be effective, it will need to be connected to a monitoring system. The monitoring system will permit homeowners to view all camera angles at once. The very best systems will also permit users to record footage as it is taken.

Monitoring systems will provide homeowners with the following recording and viewing options:

· DVR (once connected to a monitor/screen)
· Digital video recorder
· Computer connection
This system should also be setup within a closet or area of the home that is not easily or readily accessible by all.

Install Cameras Loosely

Be certain to install outdoor cameras as instructed by the manufacturer, but do not screw the cameras down tightly. The cameras will move about frequently and will need to be able to do so with ease. It is also important not alter any part of the camera or its bracketing.  Do not screw the cameras in too loosely either. The camera will move about too much and deliver homeowners with footage that it distorted and simply useless.

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Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure can cause a great deal of damage to outdoor security cameras. In addition, sunlight can also be an obstacle in regards to security monitoring in regards of the capturing of quality images. It is highly advised by industry experts, that cameras be mounted in areas that are not overtly exposed to pure sunlight. Direct sunlight towards the lenses of the cameras can result in not only damaging but no useable footage. The entire purpose of the installation of outdoor cameras is to be able to monitor the exterior around the clock, sunlight can result in that not occurring.

Make Sure There is Enough Distance Between the Cameras & the Transmission Receiver
The greater the distance between the transmission receiver and the cameras, the more the effectiveness decreases. The signal is much strong the closer the transmitter is to the network of cameras that have been installed around the home. Shortly after installing your outdoor camera units, several tests should be done in order to ensure that the transmitter is a proper distance from the cameras. The last thing that you need or want to happen is that you negate the testing stage and are left unable to properly monitor your home.

In Conclusion

The very best option for the detection for activity that is unwanted around your home, is the installation of outdoor cameras. In order to properly install outdoor cameras, a homeowner will need to have only basic tool abilities. Most installations will only require a minor amount of effort and time. Keep in mind that you outdoor cameras will require period maintenance in order to ensure their continued and proper use. The camera lenses will need to be cleaned ever so often. Also, as you make changes to the exterior of your home, cameras may need to be moved and/or adjusted. Should you add or remove trees, shrubbery, etc. on the outside of your home, change the configuration of your outdoor camera system.

Also, manufacturers have a great deal of insight on their home sites that will help with determining proper placement around the house as well as maintenance techniques.

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