Types of CCTV And What To Consider When Buying One

Most people are investing in CCTV cameras for their homes and business security. A Closed Circuit Television Camera is an ideal way to keep your home and premises more secure. Whether you want to monitor everything happening in your home or deterring burglars and intruders, a security camera will make it easy for you.


A CCTV is a part of a TV system that is used for surveillance reasons. You can use them to monitor everything happening in your home privately. You only need to set them up in the specific areas you intend to monitor. The cameras then transfer images to the designated persons, perhaps to their computers or smartphones. The camera security system is very reliable and offers you dozens of benefits.

What are the benefits of CCTV cameras?

Scares off burglars

Installing security cameras in your home or business premises help to deter burglars and intruders. You don’t need to be worried about the security of your home when you are not around. The security cameras scare the thieves off because they can’t risk the security cameras capturing them. Additionally, if they happen to break in your home, security cameras will help the authorities to identify the intruders and track them down.

Monitor your children

We all get worried about our children when we are not around them. However, a security camera helps you to monitor your baby from anywhere and know when they need your attention. You can watch whatever they are doing and monitor all their moves to ensure they are safe.

Be aware of everything happening in your home

When you are away, anything can happen, and you may not know its cause. So, a security camera will show you everything happening in and around your premises even when you are absent. It also helps you to detect any suspicious activity that may be happening around your home.

Monitor your workers

You can install security cameras in your office building to monitor whether the workers are working appropriately. You don’t have to be in the office all the time to supervise and watch over your workers. You can monitor them from your phone or computer from anywhere.

Types of CCTV cameras

There are different types of security cameras you can choose from that suits different premises and situations. So, selecting the right security camera for your home is vital.

Bullet cameras

These are long and cylindrical cameras that are excellent for outdoor uses. Bullet cameras are strong and capable for long distance viewing. They are mainly within a protective casing to shield them from dirt, dust, and other natural substances. Their image resolution is quality and comes with IR night vision.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are the most common cameras used by most people for both internal and external surveillance. Their shape makes it hard for onlookers to know which side they are facing. They are easy to install and still have an IR night vision.

Thermal image cameras

Thermal image cameras are ideal for 24 hours of surveillance. They are mainly used in airports, seaports, or other critical infrastructures. They have small LEDs around the lens that helps to capture moving objects. Thermal cameras can view over long distances and are still great in low light.

Discreet cameras

As the names suggest, this is cameras that are placed discreetly to capture footage of criminal act or damage. They are great since the criminals cannot spot them, and hence, they are not likely to damage them. They can be mounted or propped up, and they are ideal for indoor uses.


What to consider when purchasing a security camera

There are three main factors to consider when buying security cameras.

Output resolution

The higher the pixel, the better the image quality. The maximum resolution mainly stands at 700 TVL, but you will find most cameras ranging between 300 to 500 TVL. Anything less that is not ideal.

Correct lenses

Correct lenses also contribute towards the image quality. The right lens helps the camera to focus properly by bringing enough light to the sensor, hence, obtaining clear and quality images.

Right sensors

Finding the right sensors depends on two factors; size and type. Best sensors are complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS) and charged coupled device (CCD). They produce clear images.

All in all, CCTV cameras are great for your home security. Security camera makes you work easy by allowing you to monitor everything happening within your home from your phone or computer. If you cannot install them by yourself, ask help from technicians for proper installation.
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