Why You Should Choose Installing CCTV Camera In Your Home

Closed Circuit Televisions, commonly known as CCTVs, are surveillance and security camera provisions that are used for protection. These camera systems are used to ensure total security at public places, residential buildings, and even private homes. Due to current trends of theft, assassinations, murders, assaults etc, it is very important to make sure that your house is safe and sound.

CCTV In Home

Recent statistics and surveys have presented an alarming increase of robberies and other criminal acts and have become uncontrollable. Moreover, the current reports show that these criminal activities have shifted from public areas and open streets towards residential and private areas. This enough should be warning enough that it is very crucial to get security systems installed at your homes. Singapore is no exception to cases of armed robberies, thefts, murders, and assaults especially at residential areas these days. Here is why you should install CCTVs in your homes:

Personal security:
one of the primary reasons for you to install CCTV cameras in your home is to act as a component that alerts criminals and keeps them away from your home. Installing CCTV camera systems will prevent theft and illegal activity. The best feature of CCTV cameras is that you can install them in any kind of house you live in. Be it a bungalow or a condo or a row house. The camera acts as a protective shield and monitor suspicious things such as vandalism, theft and possible private property damage. Upgraded CCTV cameras are capable of alerting the nearest security officials as well and can get you more help.

Sexual assault:
CCTV camera systems are a must in homes in Singapore since they will help families catch predators that sneak into people’s house and assault children and women. The more advanced kinds will send rings of alarm and send an alert note to the police department too. That way you can keep your family completely safe and secure.

Prevent bullying:
The current CCTV camera systems are not only capable of surveillance but now they can record audio with the visuals. This ability to capture sound with the visual will make a strong case against anyone who tries to harass your family. The audio will work as evidence against the person who has created an issue for you.

Urgent evacuation:
The CCTV system of the contemporary times is capable of taking charge of an evacuation is it is needed urgently. The system comes with an alarm so that if there is a fire or anything dangerous lurking around, the CCTV systems will aid you in evacuating your home without any hassles or fear.

CCTV In Home

Best Recorder:
CCTV cameras have the ability to record every activity that happens in and around your home. In places like Singapore, it is important to keep recorded evidence since it can come in handy at any moment. Surveillance recordings are one of the most reliable sources of evidence for any illegal or unlawful activity that has happened.

Keep an eye on internal activities:
While most people think it is good to have a CCTV camera fitted outside their home, it can also come in handy for using it inside the home. Specifically in Singapore, it will help you keep an eye on who comes and goes out of your home. This way you can keep an eye on the house help and what they do when you’re not around.

Added safety for the family:
Adding a CCTV system into your home will give you and your family a sense of safety and protection. It also gives the people of the peace of mind that they are safe and nothing will harm them.

Purchasing a CCTV camera system also means that the company that provides you with insurance will reduce the premium on your insurance since buying a security system represents a sense of responsibility you are showing towards your home.

For medical purposes:
For those families dealing with medical issues, getting a CCTV camera system fitted in the house can also be a solution to getting help as soon as possible when needed. The cameras have been manufactured with sensors that can sense trouble coming and inform concerned people about it. That way, if you’re suffering from any kind of medical complication, installing a CCTV camera in your home will help you since the system will inform the medics for help.

Fire protection: The most recent CCTV camera systems come with heat detector sensors. This helps them warn you of any upcoming fires or and also informs the user of sources from where the heat is coming. That can save you a lot of money and damage.

Saves expenses:
Installing a CCTV camera system in your home is cost effective and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. These systems are long lasting and very useful for security of homes in Singapore. These systems are made to last for years together. You won’t have to be disturbed about anything anymore. Additionally, you can keep a close track of your home from anywhere on your phone since the current CCTV cameras allow you to view live footage of in and around your home with just a click on your mobile phone or tablet.

CCTV In Home

It is no secret that installing a CCTV camera can be expensive. But that is more of a life time investment that you will never regret. The CCTV cameras are like security guards that ensure the complete security of you and your family. If at all anything does happen in or around your home, the CCTV will have recorded footage of the entire event. This will make your case stronger if you plan to fight it out at the court. Moreover, CCTV cameras keep homes safe where small kids are. With the capability to show you live, on your phone what is happening in your house and how the little toddlers are keeping up, CCTV cameras are the best. Yes, it is an expensive purchase but it is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of investment. You won’t have to think about the safety and security of your home for years and years together.

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