With the increasing criminal activities around us, the importance of residential security systems cannot be overstated. Closed circuit television, or simply called CCTV is a modern electronic equipment that monitors any activities in a particular vicinity. Long gone are the days when CCTV cameras were meant for only banks and business premises; they are also a necessity for HDB flats. These devices can ingeniously provide both live and recorded footage within a residential property. In fact, in the past few years, these cameras have been great a source of undeniable video evidence that led to incarceration of innumerable criminals.

Safety is one thing we all dearly desire for our families. However, with the modern demands of our careers, it is not conceptual to always stay at home looking after your family. At one point or another, it will be necessary to travel to another country or stay away from home for a seminar or workshop. If you do not have a well set up and supported security system, your family is left at risk, let alone the distress you will go through worrying about them. You may call to check on them but the constant fear of their well-being is unsettling. With CCTV cameras, you can stay away; use the energy that would otherwise be used in worrying to do constructive work. This security system gives you peace of mind, as you know very well that your family is safe and sound.

When you are away, you home is certainly under certain security risks. Below are some compelling factors as to why your HDB flats must have CCTV cameras.

Imagine travelling back to your home and meeting with a heart wrenching sight of paint splashed all over the place. That is not even all; you will have to painfully invest money and time to correct the ordeal. This will no longer be part of your worries if you have CCTV cameras for the culprits can easily be caught.

Obviously, you have invested a lot of money in purchasing stuff for your house. Some of the property you own is very sentimental. With that, it is only logical to protect this property in the best way possible. With no recorded surveillance, you will have no one to tag the theft on.

Reports of maids mistreating children have recently hit mainstream media. It is obviously in your best interest that your son or daughter is safe and treated well. Some rogue maids will delight at any opportunity to mistreat your child; some even beat the kids up. You do not want the headache of ending up with your child in a hospital ward just because you did not take the necessary step of protecting him or her.

As compared to other security options like employing security personnel to guard your home, CCTV cameras are an affordable security option. With evolution of technology, this security option is currently affordable. Additionally, they will just be installed once but they will go a long way in full filling your security needs. Whatever the size and structure of your flats, you can get models that suit you. Since the cameras are placed in a corner, they will demand for very little maintenance.

Of also great significance, CCTV cameras serve as priceless electronic scarecrows. There is a very less likelihood that a person with criminal or ulterior interests will approach a residential flat with visible security cameras. Just merely seeing that a building is installed with security cameras will scare criminals from approaching such a building. With that, you can enjoy your peace with family members with no hustle of worrying about impeding intruders.

Apart from just scaring away criminals, security cameras are probably the most credible corroborators in the world. In the event that a criminal act occurs in your home, footage from security cameras will serve as undisputed evidence. No one can successfully defend himself or herself against such evidence. These security systems can record both high quality images and audio. From this, a scenario can be analyzed to solve a case.

Human security personnel have limitations. Different from human security personal that inevitably become redundant, security cameras offer you full proof vigilance that you can trust to take care of you round the clock. Some models even come with batteries as a backup power plan when power goes out. Through an online account login, you can access the recordings. If you are constantly fed with footage of all that happens around your home, you will be able to conduct every other activity with no worries.

In an excellent manner, CCTV cameras offer homeowners an unprecedented amount of extra security. You might have a barricaded wall, top class window grills or reinforced doors, but without these unblinking eyes to act as your guardian angels, a criminal will not think twice about hitting a house. The cameras allow homeowners to notice if anyone is advancing towards the home, or identify whoever is at the doors. Depending to the prevailing circumstances, one can allow a visitor into the house or call for emergency security personnel when necessary.

The systems can be connected to your phone, and at whatever location you are in the universe, you can stream a live security footage of your home. Originally, CCTV cameras were only used in banks, airports, government agencies and casinos. Their performance was undisputed. No security system whatsoever could achieve what these security cameras achieved. In fact, without security cameras, the world would be a criminal’s playground. Now, there is a chance for homeowners to benefit from these security benefits.

In general, no valid explanation can dispute the importance of a residential security system. Innumerable intruders are well aware of the extent to which recorded security footage will go towards bringing them to books. It is a scary business altogether to attack such a secured premises.

All said and done, not every other company offering to install security cameras will give you the best services. Your interest is security, a surveillance system that really works. Doesn’t CCTV just offer amazing extra security that we’ve always longed for?

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