Things to Keep in Mind When Installing CCTV for Restaurant. It is true that CCTV Installation is now part and parcel of every business for dependence when it comes to security. And with great technological improvement in contemporary CCTVs, many businesses in entire Singapore have had increased performance and security surveillance. The current units come with the potential to record, capture, relay, and monitor every inch of the area where they are fitted.

If you have a restaurant that deals with a lot of cash, then having a reliable CCTV system is mandatory to ensure that everyday occurrence is recorded, and all criminal activities are recorded. However, before you can decide on a security camera installation, there are various things that you need to consider beforehand. Read on – Things to Keep in Mind When Installing CCTV for Restaurant:

Installing A CCTV for Restaurant

Things to Keep in Mind When Installing CCTV for Restaurant
#1. The solution the CCTV will offer

Of course, ordinary CCTV cameras always offer a limited field of view as compared to cameras that have high resolution. For instance, high-resolution camera units come with the potential of tilting, zooming, and panning. To sort out such mishaps, they can be managed for it to pan every bit of the areas that you wish to monitor.

Even though the PTZ cameras have the potential to monitor a large area, the chances of missing targeted areas are high because the devices keep shifting position every now and then. So, to get a very correct monitoring system, you can opt to opt for 360 degrees camera. As such, when installed in the middle position of the restaurant, every set of activities is recorded and captured with precision and no coverage goes uncovered.

#2. Leverage on IP/Megapixel Security Cameras

If you’re thinking of acquiring the best camera to place in areas where it involves cash handling, then the ultimate solution is the Megapixel or IP camera that can meet your need well. Such a type of camera is made with advanced technology that makes sure that money is handled in the right way.

Cameras of analog technology will not offer a pristine image in case of theft or some losses that may occur when thieves set in. But when it comes to IP cameras, you can be assured that clear and detailed video is captured.

#3. Setting up CCTV cameras well can assist protect you from Lawsuits

Of course, you’ll have many things taking place in your business, but at some times, you might experience some slips and falls, or even other claims of under-or over-serving. Other customers who might claim that they have been molested or assaulted are in fact the aggressors and if you can prove with the videos captured by the CCTV videos and images, you can by far be vindicated.

Even those who claim that the floor was slippery to cause the incident, at least the proof can be proven there and then. And to ensure that the cameras offer you consistent results, you should ensure to set up your cameras:

  • In every part of the restaurant to monitor everything taking place there
  • In cashpoint, areas check out any abnormal ways.
  • On the outer side of the restaurant pick images of customers coming in and also capture them while they leave.
#5. Keeping in mind the safety and health standards of Singapore

You can always maintain proper health codes by positioning cameras in the right corners of your kitchen. This makes it easier to monitor the kitchen staff handling different types of foods. In addition to these functions, CCTV cameras help monitor the employees to ensure they do not steal any food, beverages, or kitchen accessories. This also helps to check on the kitchen staff to prevent them from overindulging in those meals meant for them in excessive amounts of what you have allowed.

#6. Checking the inventory and services areas

Each time you keep an eye on your inventories, you can easily prevent any shrinkages from all aspects. You should install cameras in these areas to ensure that everything is done correctly. This helps to prevent any suspicious activities. Therefore, you should install CCTV cameras in loading docks whenever the shipments arrive, liquor coolers, or stock rooms. This should be specified in those areas where drinks, food, or other valuables can be easily stolen.

For a better establishment, it is wise to monitor the service areas. You should ensure that you install cameras in those places where clients are being served. This provides that the staff serves the clients in the best manner whatsoever. Additionally, it helps curb staff that serves beverages and meals freely to their friends and loved ones. You can as well easily trace any tips that the employees receive. Monitoring these areas also helps in the proper training of your staff and studying the customers’ behaviors when it comes to traffic flow.

#7. Allows you to monitor activities when you are not around

If you have a restaurant running 24/7, it means that you never be around at all times. Here, you will need remote video monitoring to ensure that the activities run smoothly at all times. Therefore, whenever you are away, you can monitor all taking place in your restaurant. Experts can easily set these cameras to view all the security cameras in your restaurants through your smartphone, PC, tablet, or other portable electronic devices. So, no matter where you are, you will receive real-time updates at all times.

#8. Hiring highly qualified CCTV experts in town

It would be best if you visited an expert before you can go ahead to purchase CCTV cameras. They will advise you on the best brand that will suit your needs better. They offer the best alternative and camera installation for convenient operations. For effective monitoring of your restaurant, you should ensure that you contact the best CCTV dealers.

Things to Keep in Mind When Installing CCTV for Restaurant – Conclusion

It is never easy to install CCTV cameras all by yourself. This means that you will need some experts to achieve the best experience. You should always be aware of the technical features, the areas to install them, and the best dealers to approach these tasks. It would be best to spend your time with the local expert to discuss different aspects of CCTV installations for better operations. Installing cameras in your restaurant not only improves the level of security but also increases productivity.

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