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Why Use Us Field Safe To Supply And Install CCTVs

In the present world, there is nothing as important as ensuring that your office and home is safe. CCTV cameras are perfect for business owners, home owners and managers who are not always present in their homes or places of work. They allow one to monitor his/her property for thieves and intruders.

To be assured of maximum security for your property, you must ensure you engage the services of the leading company in Singapore to supply and install CCTV cameras. Hiring a competent company with enough experience helps in avoiding problems that arises due to improper installation and the use of low quality cameras.

Not all companies out there have the ability to install cameras properly and in record time. However, in our company Field Safe Pte Ltd, we specialize in the supply and installation of a wide range of CCTV cameras that vary in scale. The following are the reasons we are the best and why you should always hire us.

It can be very disappointing to purchase expensive surveillance cameras only to realize they were wrongly installed. However, we are a competent company that has established a reputation of always ensuring all of our installations are done properly.
Going for an unreliable company has a lot of complications. Such a company may not be experienced enough to take your job seriously. Such a company may also lack the necessary equipment required for a smooth installation.

We have highly qualified experts in our company who are able to offer you with the best services. They have adequate experience in CCTV installation after working in this industry for many years. Working with people experienced enough will help you in maintaining high security in your home and office. Such people will be in a position to offer you with the best services as they aren’t prone to making mistakes.

The simple fact that we can supply and install CCTVs in your home and office will have a lot of benefits to you. You will get the supply and installation at a go unlike where the supplier supplies you with the cameras and leave you to search for an expert to install them. Searching for an expert to install the CCTVs can be very expensive. However, hiring us saves you the money you would have used in hiring two different companies to complete your CCTV project.

The total cost of installing CCTV cameras is determined by all the materials used and the hardships that are encountered by the installation company. This is the main reason why it gets impossible to bargain on our set cost. However, a reputable company will only charge an affordable price while an unreliable company will overcharge in an aim of increasing its profit margins.

To ensure maximum security in your office or home, you have to install a reliable security system. One of the best ways of ensuring your premise is adequately protected is the use of the latest technology in the industry. A good CCTV camera installation company will do whatever it takes to avoid compromising technology hence ensuring your property gets the best surveillance. An unreliable company is likely to use CCTVs whose technology is very outdated in order to cut on its budget. Such CCTVs are incapable of serving their intended purpose.

CCTVs come in different specifications. Your home or office may require a camera with a specific resolution. It may be impossible to achieve this if you purchase the camera from a supplier who doesn’t have enough stock. When you purchase from us, you get to access a wide range of CCTVs and choose one that meets your unique requirements. Our experts will also help you in the selection process through offering their expert advice on what can work and what can’t.

All CCTV cameras have some electrical parts which can develop problems unexpectedly. As a result of this, a good installation company should always be easily accessible and reachable any time your CCTVs develop a mechanical problem. Such companies should also be in a position to respond in a timely manner. We are very good at this, having invested a lot in friendly and ready to help customer agents who are available. A technician team will be sent to your property as promptly as possible any time your system develops a problem.

Using an unreliable company may compromise your security. Such a company may be unreachable or may be too slow to respond. Such companies may also fail to turn up altogether. This will have a great negative effect on your business or home.

This is one of the greatest benefits of hiring a reputable company. Using such a company implies that you are assured of high quality materials that will stand the test of time. Unreliable companies will supply you with low quality materials with an aim of maximizing on their profits. In addition, most low quality materials are not accompanied with a guarantee.
Insurance and licensing

Unlike many other companies, we are insured and licensed to carry out our operations in Singapore. Engaging a licensed and fully insured company guarantees quality and professional work that meets all the set national standards and practices.
Obtaining a license proves a number of points to clients. It outlines the readiness to comply with all set laws, regulations and safety measures. It also proves that the company is dedicated and committed to its work. This is what distinguishes us from other companies who only see CCTV supply and installation as a way of making money.

All licensed companies are also required to be fully insured. This saves clients a lot of money especially when a technician is injured during installation as the insurance company will take care of all medical expenses. When you hire a company that is not insured, you will be required to cater for such medical expenses and offer compensation to the injured technician.
As discussed above, there are many reasons as you should choose us Field Safe Pte Ltd for your CCTV project. We are the leading CCTV installation company in Singapore.


    What Our Clients Saying

    • Fast efficient service. Good advice offered and good, tidy workmanship.
      Cheryl Au
    • We have been very pleased with the professionalism and polite friendly advice of sg-cctv.com throughout the process of purchasing and installing an alarm system and security package
      Terrance Atomy
    • This is the 3rd time I have used the company and always find them to be most helpful, informative, reliable and efficient.
      Fiona Lee
    • They are really professional. They came down and offer an onsite quote. They advice us on the best placement for the security cameras for maximum effectiveness. Everything was done really smooth and within a few hours, all the cameras were set properly. Very good service and great value for money!
      Mr Eddie Wong
    • An excellent service at a really competitive price! Our job was completed on the scheduled date with minimum disruption to our home. Highly recommended!
      Milaine Hong

    Benefits of a CCTV System In Your Home

    Home security remains one of the most prominent topics for homeowners in contemporary society. There are many reasons for this – crime is on the rise, people want to be able to monitor their homes at all times and with the advances in technology, this is now an option. Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) is one way in which to monitor all of the areas of your home from one central location. This is not only beneficial for homes, but for businesses as well.

    However, choosing a Singapore-based supplier in which to provide you with such services may prove to be something of a challenge if you aren’t sure what you want form a company. Choosing the right company will ensure that you reap the benefits of this system for years to come. This includes finding a company that has affordable rates with a top-notch system. The right company will inform you about the parameters of the system to ensure that you are very clear about how the system works and how to best use it in your home. Using a Singapore supplier can ensure that the system is installed right and you get the best system for your particular home.

    After all, when you are working with a Singapore supplier, the company will not only look over the parameters of your home to determine the best places for equipment, showing you how it works, and then checking back in with you frequently to determine if the system needs to be tweaked in any way.

    Consider the benefits of having a CCTV system in your home:

    CCTV systems are actually fairly affordable when you consider the price versus the value of maintaining your safety. There are some security systems that might ultimately cost you much more than what they provide, but this is not the case with a CCTV system. There is no value on your life, when you think about what could happen in the event of a break-in or fire. However, when you break down the cost of a CCTV system by the day, it equates to less than you might spend on just about any of your other bills in the course of a week. If you are willing to pay for amenities like new clothes or special furnishings, then you should consider a home security system as well.

    After all, if you are sleeping in the middle of the night and someone breaks into your home, how will you know it? If there is a fire, you don’t want to wake up before it’s too late to get out. Peace of mind is so important when you are dealing with the personal safety of yourself and your family. Consider the fact that the more lead time you have when here is an issue of security in your home, the quicker you can react. Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing that you can see what’s going on in your home at all times through your CCTV system and give yourself plenty of time to react to an adverse situation.

    In addition to giving you peace of mind should there be a security system, CCTV systems also give you a view of what’s going on various areas of your home. In fact, today’s high-tech systems can also link with your smartphone and show you stuff that is happening inside of your home when you are not there. Consider this – if you are not home and there is a plumbing emergency that floods your home, chances are that you would not find out about it until you arrive home. Linking your CCTV system with your smartphone (for those systems that have capabilities of doing this) can show you your home at various intervals throughout the day and then you can react accordingly. The same applies to times when your children are home alone and you simply want to check in on them for your own peace of mind. A CCTV system provides endless opportunities for monitoring outside of security issues that might be happening in your home.

    When a criminal sees that you have a CCTV system installed in and around your home, they are deterred from entering the home to cause criminal mischief. They are not as likely to want to enter the home in order to cause issues if they see that a security system is in place. Moreover, if a criminal decides to enter the home anyway, the system will capture information about the criminal via the CCTV system, so that the proper authorities are able to find the culprits much easier. Moreover, the alarm sounds when someone enters the home unauthorized, and this often scares the criminals away thus preventing worse trouble than what might have happened if the criminal had entered the home.

    Ultimately, realizing the benefits of this kind of security system in your home depends on your specific needs. In general, Singapore is a safe locale and the country places a high emphasis on security for its citizens. However, with that in mind, there should always be an understanding that personal security is paramount and doing what you can to protect yourself should always be a priority.

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