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Why do you need a CCTV or security camera?

The perception that security cameras are just for the big companies or the wealthy is still so prevalent. This perception is only contributed by the ignorance of the role played by these security cameras in HBD flats, offices (no matter the size or operation), businesses and other commercial places. Below are the five general reasons why everyone should consider CCTV installation in their buildings.

Security cameras give you an easy way to deter criminals. Criminals are extra cautious not to be caught on cameras because that would mean the end of them. They are much efficient to security guards. Your family security is a priority, and this is what a CCTV offers you.

One thing that makes a security camera incomparable when it comes to its performance is its accessibility from different devices and locations. You can check the happenings around your property from your phone and any locations. If you suspect something fishy going on in your office, all you have to do is to get on your computer or phone and confirm your doubts. This gives one a total peace of mind wherever they are.

Any business person will attest to this. It is hard to find 100% trustworthy employees. On the other hand, you might not be available every minute for surveillance. But, with CCTV, you can tremendously reduce internal theft in your company that will see your profits increase significantly.

Unfortunately, some employees wait their bosses to leave the premise for them to start dragging themselves around or even taking breaks. These acts are among the causes of poor performances in businesses, and they are hard to point because when you are around, everyone will look busy. Security cameras give you the option to go back and check the happenings in your absence. It is an excellent way to point the best employees or the worst.

You might have dealt with issues of slip and fall claims, sexual harassment claims or bad customer service claims. Any of these can cost your company huge sums of money especially because of lack of tangible evidence. With security cameras, one can play back and see whether any of the above claims is true or false.

If you deal with retailers, you might have received several complaints of empty product boxes delivery or not the quality ordered. One sure way of getting to the bottom of such complaints before you lose your customers is to install security cameras on your production and packaging lines. You can then have the boxes you are shipping have dates and time codes stamped on the outer box. With the date codes, you will be able to review the recorded videos at certain dates and times.

Types of Security Cameras

The market offers different types of security cameras each for a different purpose. They range from fixed cameras to tilt and pan cameras, motion detection cameras, night vision cameras. You will get a security camera for nearly every scenario.

Below is a list of the most featured security cameras in the market today:

A basic camera serves a general purpose. It does not move, zoom or change direction.

These cameras can be adjusted easily, they change direction and zoom quickly. They also lock in on and can even follow a moving object that should not be within an area depending on your model choice. Pan and tilt cameras too can spin or angle up and down because they have a motorized interior mount. Also, you can remotely control where your camera looks from either your smartphone or any other web-enabled device.

Nowadays, most of the security cameras are wireless. A wireless camera connects to your security system through an internet connection. Setting them up is easy. Better still, you can customize the wireless security cameras then control them from your computer or smartphone. The most beneficial fact about wireless security cameras is that you do not have to wire them into the home for them to communicate with your alarm system.

If you have a poorly lit area, this should be a choice for you. The night vision cameras illuminate such areas using the infrared technology to record footage at night.

These cameras are weatherproof and have night vision elements. You can use them to observe who is at the door without necessarily opening it. You can also observe everything going on outside your home, front or back yard.

Motion detection cameras start taking pictures or recording immediately they sense movement. This ensures that you don’t record useless footage. Just like pan and tilt cameras, some motion detection cameras can lock in on a moving object and follow it.

If you want to scare away any potential burglars, a fake camera will do. They give the impression that any intruders are being watched. These cameras are a cheap alternative to the actual cameras. However, they might not give you the same peace of mind you would get from a functional camera.

These are ideal for those babysitters or kids. Hidden or covert cameras can be concealed in secret places such as cookie jar, bookshelf, or centerpiece. They are used to catch or spy on behavior that are hard to detect otherwise. It is an easy way to keep an eye on your kids and babysitter when they are home alone.

These cameras are often used indoors and are dome-shaped (thus the name Dome Camera). Some of these cameras use infrared lighting. They can also be designed to be temper-proof. The dome cameras are pan-tilt-zoom capable. What makes them even more preferable is the fact that they have tinted dome shielding the camera thus, most people cannot tell when the camera is facing them.

Internet Protocol cameras refer to digital video cameras capable of receiving or sending data via a broadband connection or computer network.

Note: always enquire on code reviews and penetration testing because some security cameras together with their software are not built with computer security in mind. Google-hack your camera. This will reduce the chances of attackers of exploiting your devices. Change your password to ensure that no intruders can access your security cameras using the default passwords.

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