12 Important Tips When Planning CCTV System For Offices

Availability of CCTV system on the market has led to improved security measures in the world of today. These cameras are available everywhere and hence anyone can purchase them and install to his or her premises. Most of the areas where CCTV cameras are recommended are the offices to safeguard the information contained in it. However when installing one should have enough knowledge on the CCTV system. This can be achieved from the camera suppliers, installers or from other people who have been using them. This is to ensure that the system will provide you with information required at any time. Below are well elaborated 12 important tips when planning CCTV system for the offices;


• The area needed to be covered by the cameras

This is one of the key points that should come into your mind. Some of the people may want the CCTV system to be installed inside the office, others outside and others both inside and outside. This determines the design of an installation. A large office may require several cameras to ensure the area is covered perfectly. A small office area will require just a few cameras and hence the cost is also down. Use the area to determine the number of cameras required in the office.

• The quality of the image required

The quality of the image is determined by the type and the cost of the camera you choose. High-quality CCTV system will always provide you with clear images while low-quality cameras will provide you with low-quality images that may not bring the clarity needed to determine the culprits in the building. Although high-quality cameras are expensive it’s good to purchase them to ensure maximum security of your office.

• Source of power

CCTV system uses power all the time to enable it to perform its function effectively. When planning to install these cameras ensure you have a power supply that is sustainable. You should also ensure that you have power backup in case there is power blackout as it can happen. This ensures that your cameras continue with their surveillance hence providing security all the time. Some of the high-quality CCTV systems are having their backup system but it’s good to have yours.

• The security of the information

When planning to install security cameras in your office you should think of how you will secure the information in the recorder. One, you should ensure that the recorder is placed in a well secured place where nobody knows where it is placed except the technician and some of the management officers. This prevents anybody tampering with it for the safety of the information. Another way to enhance the security of the information is the use of a password to access information in the recorder. This ensures that only one or two persons can access the information.

CCTV System

• The quality of the camera

High-quality cameras will always give you high-quality images. Besides quality images, high-quality cameras have good characteristics lie the can withstand the changing climatic conditions in the area. Some are waterproof and hence any leakage that may occur cannot affect them. High temperatures cannot inhibit them from performing their function and hence they are perfect for any office. They are also dust proofed. When planning to purchase for CCTV system, purchase high-quality ones.

• Consider use of wireless networking

This not only cut the cost of cables required to connect the cameras to the control room but also enhances the security of the information. The cameras take the images but send them in a different office. The information is available even if the office is destroyed and hence it can be used in the determination of a case.

• The numbers of cameras required

When planning to install CCTV system in an office it's good to determine the number of a camera required to fully cover the whole office or the specific areas needed to be covered. The number of cameras is determined by the quality of the cameras you ought to buy and the size of the area. You can opt to purchase high-quality cameras that can be zoomed and hence use very few cameras.

• The cost of installation

Always plan the cost of the installation to avoid discontinuation of the process in the middle. There are several types of CCTV system that are sold at different prices and hence you should determine the ones you can afford. Always aim for the high-quality cameras though their cost is high since they will give you good services.

CCTV System For Offices

• The purpose of installation

This is the question one should ask before installing the camera in the office. Security in any office is vital and hence the need to install these cameras. The information contained in the office may be very vital and hence the need to improve the security to safeguard it.

• The climatic condition of the area

When planning to install CCTV system in the office you should ensure that you have enough knowledge of the climatic condition in the area. Some cameras may be affected by the hot temperature or wet conditions. This helps you to determine the type of cameras that you should buy to ensure that they are effective and efficient in their services. You can opt to buy water-proof cameras if it’s an area where there are wet conditions or dust proof where there is a lot of dust.

• Availability of control room

When planning for installing CCTV system you should also think of having a control room. This is to ensure that you can monitor everywhere in that room in case there is any need. A control room is very important since you can prevent some things that could have occurred. Always set a room for it in your office.

• Have a good choice of the expert to install CCTV system

When planning to install CCTV system select the best technicians to do the installation job. This is to ensure that they will effectively perform their function. Good positioning of the cameras enables them to make a good surveillance of the area and hence the security is enhanced. There are many companies that install CCTV cameras and hence it’s good to select the best.

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