6 Myths On Home CCTV Installation

In a world where humans have to be observed to maintain law and order, the police alone won’t be able to rescue the situation. It’s tough because human beings are becoming smarter by the day. Thanks to CCTV installation, which generally refers to TV and surveillance cameras set up in strategic locations to monitor people, especially in public places. These security devices have helped the authorities to curb crimes in major uptown suburbs. Singapore residents can enjoy the assurance of security that these devices offer. Literally speaking, they have been installed in almost all streets and alleyways. Furthermore, since security is not only a concern for commercial premises, most homes have them installed too. These cameras can be controlled from a remote location, so that in the event of an emergency, security personnel can be dispatched in time to curb the situation.

5 Myths On Home CCTV Installation

However, just like any other good thing, Home CCTV installation is of no exception when it comes to myths. This article will try and highlight some of the top 6 myths that have been going on about home CCTV installation in Singapore.

1 They can be installed by everybody
Well, they say anyone can install them. But did you know that enlisting the help of any Tom, Dick and Harry would not be the wisest decision now that these are matters touching on security issues? It’s possible to install them if you have some knowledge on tech equipment. But professionals would be the most relevant people to handle the work. The reason why professionals are considered the best people to handle the job is because they are quick and they apply their skills the right way to make your home a safe haven. If you try installing it on your own, you may do more harm than good.

2 They are a very expensive investment
There’s a misconception that hiring an expert and buying the equipment is an expensive undertaking. However, this is not very true. In Singapore today, you can acquire the equipment at very reasonable prices. There are also companies that offer such products and services at costs that won’t strain your pocket.

3 Home CCTV Installation are a waste of time
Some people generally believe that CCTV Installation is just a waste of time. But the truth is, you won’t realize the value it brings to your home unless a crime occurs in the absence of those cameras. One thing you need to know is that the CCTV system can be used to collect evidence and determine the person who was behind the crime. It makes the police do their duty quickly in bringing the suspect to book. 

4 They waste resources
If you are careful enough when walking in Singapore, you’ll notice that they’ve been installed everywhere. However, a few skeptics say they are a waste of resources, which is not the case. These cameras have been very helpful in controlling and preventing crime in crime-prone areas. If a criminal knows that they are being watched, they won’t carry on with their plans, unless they really don’t care about getting caught. Besides that, people feel they are safe in areas where these gadgets have been installed because they know someone is watching over them.

5 DVRs perform better than the rest
It’s absolutely false to say so because technology keeps advancing with time. Today, there are many other virtual storage for the information collected and DVRs are certainly not the best. Virtual storage makes it easier to collect information and act on it.

6 They can only be used as security measures
They don’t necessarily have to be used to deter crime. In Singapore, CCTV installation may also be used to monitor workers in the office or warehouse. When they know they are being watched, they will work harder and waste little time, and this will certainly enhance their productivity. Other members of staff can also find motivation this way when they see other workers performing.

Myths are always there to make people believe what is really not true about something. They can actually mislead, and that’s why you’ll find others saying that home CCTV installation are a complete waste of time. People who have them installed know how much value they bring to their residential places. Myths are only generated by people who don’t own them, and should not be used as a basis for judging these security gadgets.

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