9 Things you Need To Know Before Installing CCTV

All the installations including home and offices need security system in Singapore. While this is a sear truth, CCTV is a vital part of the security system. There are hundreds of security systems are available in the market to satiate the need of the home and office owners in the country. Apart from that the technological development has increased the functionality of these security systems. There used to be a time when the security systems only showed the threats. Now the time has changed and the security systems are equipped with capturing, recording, transmitting and monitoring devices. These newly developed systems have made the burglars think twice before doing any acts of crime. It is not only about the burglary that the security systems alert you about, these systems also tell you about accidents like fire and others. Here are the things that you should know before installing CCTV.

Install CCTV

1. Surveillance solutions through CCTV

All the high-end security services provide you myriad solutions to protect you from all sorts of accidents and incidents. To resolve all the mishaps, various security solution providers provide you two types of CCTV. The one that is commonly used is the normal CCTV. The other one is the high resolution CCTV. Most of the people in Singapore prefer this CCTV now a days as it shows the clear picture of everything that happens inside a building. Most of the people in Singapore are working class. They appoint maid in their home to do all the household stuffs. It is necessary to keep a close tab on the maid. Apart from this the security services provide security systems for your business, home and small shops.

2. Security systems for HDB and condo units

The promotional offers for the CCTV in the HDB and condos vary from other types of services in the country. The number of cameras provided under these promotions varies between two and four. All the cameras are IR dome ones. These offers include HD DVD recorder. You are going to get a hard disk of 1TB in memory size. Apart from all these you are going to get power adapters, working wires, internet connection and many more.

3. Security system for landed property

Generally landed houses need a little high amount of surveillance. The security service companies provide four to eight cameras to meet the security needs. Some of the offers include only tube cameras, and some other offers include both tube and dome cameras. As like the above you are going to get offers like HD DVD recorder, hard disk, connecting wires, adapters, internet connection and many more.

Installing CCTV

4. Legal constraints

As per the rules of Singapore, you can install the security cameras in your home as long as you don’t breach the privacy of others. The security companies have come with unique solutions that go with the legal constraints in the country. But above all your monitoring of these security devices is very important when you are away from home.

5. You can secure your premises with the advanced security systems

There are constraints upon installing security cameras outside your HDB flats. Raised security concerns have compelled the authority of the country to allow the flat owners to install the advanced security devices outside their homes. These cameras are equipped to take the picture of the suspicious movements of the area common to your house and your neighbours. You can bring the devices online and control those from a remote place. You can also transmit those footages from one place to another.

6. Waterproof CCTV for extreme weather conditions

Generally people use these cameras outside this house. These cameras can take uninterrupted images and footages even in difficult weather conditions like hailstorm and rain. As long as waterproof cameras are considered, there are a number of varieties available in the market. You need to consider the features of the cameras before installing those in your premises. The generally people install night vision camera outside their house. These cameras record properly and the video quality remains good. It is very important to check the waterproof capability of the camera as some time of the year remains rainy in Singapore. You should check the warranty period of the camera to avoid any sort of trouble in future.


7. The place where you should install the CCTV cameras

The crime rates have dramatically been minimized thanks to the concerted efforts of the people of Singapore for installing security cameras in their homes. It is always safe to install cameras in your home. It is advisable to the people wishing to install security cameras to avoid installing security cameras in private places. You should always install the security cameras in the public areas of your home. Always seek the help of professionals providing services security services to get the right kind of cameras for your home.

8. Installing security cameras in a restaurant

Restaurateurs should install security cameras in their restaurants to keep their customers safe. As you hire a professional company for the service you need to be aware of some of the facts to avoid complicacy in future. The professional company you should choose should be a good one. You should do a little background check of the company. Don’t install cameras which a company offers in a very low price. It may end up in non-functioning of security operations in your restaurants. You should put someone in charge of the CCTV cameras to keep a check on them. Let the professionals monitor everything.

9. Which is a good company for installing security cameras in Singapore?

This is the most important part of the whole conversations. You should choose the one which can take care of the security operations pretty well. Before choosing one service provider, you should care about doing a background check of the service provider. Apart from that it is very important to know that the company is successfully providing services in the country.


The who’s who of the security system doesn’t only include the technicality but also the company you choose for the installations. It is very important to know about the technical features of your security system. But apart from that the most important part is the installer. You should painstakingly choose one professional company that does your job pretty well in Singapore.

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