Benefits Of CCTV Cameras And How To Install The Equipment

Currently, the CCTV cameras have been in used in most of the places such as shopping malls, institutions, manufacturing industries and offices. However, you might have not realized the importance of this type of cameras. The following are some of the benefits of installing the CCTV cameras in your home or place of work as well as the steps required during the installation:

Install CCTV Equipment

#1. There is improved security

Most of the CCTV cameras normally work in two ways. They do the recording as well as the transmissions at the same time. In terms of security, this is a double advantage. In fact, you can be able to see what is happening in your home through safe monitoring. Moreover, it will be handy for you as you will keep watch every activity such as a sleeping child. The cameras are also placed strategically. With the monitoring system, you are able to see what is happening worldwide through the computer or phone.

#2. Assists in prosecution

The CCTV cameras are also able to provide concrete evidence when there is a crime activity such as thieves, burglars and terrorist. The visual evidence which you will obtain from the CCTV footage will also make it easier to initiate and find out the legal procedure. Thus, it assists people who have been offended.

#3. The business efficiency will be increased

As a business owner, just know that the CCTV cameras will increase the efficiency. Theft is less likely to happen since the site is protected by closed circuit TV cameras.

#4. Profitability will be improved

Since the cash transactions has been monitored, huge profits will be realized in the business to a great extent. Most of the thefts which occur in a business premise are done by workers or employees who are left alone in the workplace. With the CCTV security cameras, the business owners are able to watch over their goods without the need of being available in the place.

#5. The customer’s experience will be enhanced

Most of the large firms are used for video surveillance for picking up of the client’s habits and trends. The footage will enable the analyst consolidation of the information from various locations as well as promoting positive experience. These comprises of: prevalence of employee’s attractions, the shopping patterns and the product placement.

Install CCTV Equipment

How to install CCTV cameras

There are simple steps regarding the installation of CCTV. If you cannot install it by yourself, you can hire a professional so as to help you with the installation process.

1. A high broad angle is chosen for your camera

The initial step is to look for the best angle in your room. A place such as a corner where the wall meets the ceiling is preferred. Also, make sure that you see exits and entries clearly and the camera is next to a power outlet. Furthermore, you should place the camera at approximately 10 feet so that it is knocked down.

2. The camera is mounted on the wall

Some of the cameras are design with sticky pads. This will enable you to fix the camera into the wall. However, screwing of your camera is a safe way of mounting the cameras. The mounting steps include: placing the mount in the desired location, marking on the wall which every screw should be fixed. After drilling the marked areas, the screws are mounted. Thereafter, position the cameras on the angle which is desired.

3. The camera is attached to a power source

The cameras normally come with power adaptor plug which can be connected on a socket. Therefore, the small round end should be connected to the power input at the back of the camera and the plug is linked to the outlet. Incase the power adaptor is broken, you should contact the manufacturer.

4. The DVR should be attached to the wired camera

The CCTV cameras are connected by use of BNC. This is because they are very simple to use and they can be plugged into a port which is appropriate. Therefore, you should plug one end in your camera and the other port to the DVR. For you to view cable’s video, your DVR should be set. You can also purchase a BNC connection if it is not available with the CCTV components. For compatibility, you should purchase the BNC connector from a reliable company.

Install CCTV Equipment

5. The wireless camera is connected to the computer

Wireless CCTV cameras are installed with a software disc. This acts as a manual for installation process. For accessing the functionality of the cameras, you should follow the instructions. The USB port should be attached properly to the computer. If it is provided, ensure that you write down the IP address. The number can be used for remotely viewing the CCTV cameras through the web browser.

6. The DVR is connected to the monitor

The BNC is also of great use as it is frequently used. The DVR is also attached to the coaxial or HDMI cables. By use of preferred connection, the DVR is connected to the output while the other end is connected to the input. Many cameras can also be hooked up to the DVR output. As a result, there will be recordings of every camera which is installed. You should also take note of the input which you need to choose for viewing of the cameras.

7. Troubleshooting should be done to any connection

Ensure that you check the monitor, camera and DVR before connecting to a power supply. Nevertheless, you need to be certain that the cables are attached securely and that you have chosen the right inputs for both the monitor and DVR. Even tough some cameras will display all the CCTV’s at the same time; you need to input the buttons so as to enable you to switch from one CCTV to another.


The above is very important information about the CCTV cameras. As mentioned above, CCTV'S are of great significance to both private and public institutions. Whereas there are various benefits of installing the equipment, the descriptions highlighted are some of them. Therefore, you should buy CCTV cameras as it will assist you greatly.

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