Best CCTV To Monitor Maid And Toddler

The modern day nuclear family situation of most employed couples pose a unique problem when they become parents. Either one partner has to quit their jobs to look after the baby at home or they have to hire maids and nannies to cater to the caretaking needs of the toddler. For many such couples living in nuclear families, quitting their jobs does not appear to be a realistic option as it leads to a substantial reduction in their gross family income. Hence, such parents are forced to hire maids and nannies to take care of their babies.


Hiring help to care for toddlers can also cause problems

Hiring maids and nannies can present a different set of problems altogether. It has recently been reported in the news as well as on television that many maids and nannies tend to abuse the young ones. Such hired help has been known to treat the children in a number of improper ways that include (but are not limited to):

Molesting the children
Mistreating the children due to lack of enthusiasm or interest
Feeding the toddlers improper (and sometimes harmful) food items
Completely neglecting the child due to them being busy with their own personal interests
Using the facilities and amenities of the house for their own interests

There are plenty of other ways in which nannies and maids hired to take care of the toddlers can prove to be dangerous for the children.

Monitoring maids and nannies have become imperative

Under these conditions, it has become almost imperative for parents to monitor their activities of the maids through home CCTV cameras. Of course, parents could definitely use baby monitors to see what their kids are up to for the entire duration of the day. However, baby monitors can only look after the activities and movements of the babies. They are not equipped with the necessary items needed to monitor the activities of the people left in charge of caring for the kids.


Setting up cameras in every corner of the house will help parents ensure that they are able to constantly keep a check on the actions of the maids. Hence, these cameras will not only help parents to ensure their kids are treated properly with care by their nannies, but also ensure that safety and security of every item in the house. After all, it is possible that the nannies are not inhuman enough to hurt little kids, but may misuse or damage your house and the amenities within in other ways.

Important aspects to consider when getting the right cameras to use

In order to ensure complete oversight on the house during times of absence, parents must ensure they get the right cameras to set up within the house. In order to do so, there are a few important aspects of these cameras that must be considered. Some of these have been discussed here.

Quality of video for day and night monitoring

A CCTV camera will not only record during the day, but also at night. Hence, it is important to get cameras that would produce quality video during bright daylight as well as under dim and darks conditions at night. This will help parents to monitor their babies as well as their houses at all hours.

Motion detection abilities

The cameras to be used in the house must have motion detection capabilities. This will help to capture video feeds whenever and wherever movements occur. Using the motion detection capabilities, parents will be able to monitor the movements of their kids at all times. At the same time, these cameras will also help to capture video feeds of areas where suspicious activities take place. For example, if burglars enter the house or if the maids do something suspicious in any area of the house, their activities will be captured in video for the whole world to see.

Remote viewing capabilities on multiple devices

The cameras used must be able to project live images and video feeds even at remote locations. This will help parents to monitor their toddlers and their nannies live. In case something suspicious occurs, parents can take immediate action to protect their kids as well as their property from any damage. The video feeds must also be projectable on multiple devices so that both parents can monitor the feeds and respond quickly.


Protection from changing weather and vandalism

CCTV cameras may be noticed by maids or even ruffians, and they may attempt to tamper or vandalize the units. Hence, the cameras must have adequate protection to avoid damage through vandalism. It is best if parents are able to get cameras that can be easily concealed or sheathed behind protective cover in the house. This will also help to protect the devices from varying weather conditions, enabling parents to use them for long periods with the need to be replaced.

Warranty and After-Sale support

Since all electronic devices are susceptible to technical issues, the cameras must have adequate warranty cover and reliable After-Sale support. In order to obtain such assistance, parents must ensure that they get the devices from reliable stores and only good quality units from reputed brands. This will also ensure that they are able to offer complete protection to their babies without having to deal with many issues.

There are plenty of companies that offer good quality home CCTV cameras. Parents simply need to dig deep and spend some time researching about the best units to get for their babies. At the same time, the choice of cameras would also depend on the interiors of the house and the room of the toddler(s). Once all these considerations are made, parents will be able to rest easy that they have sufficient control over the safety of their kids.

The presence of these cameras and the knowledge of their presence will also keep the maids and nannies from doing anything suspicious. These cameras will warn them off any wrongdoings, which will also improve the security and safety of the kids as well as the house. After all, whoever said that “Safety and Precaution is always better than Cure” certainly had a point. A little precaution can go miles in preventing the need for any remedial action for parents.

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