Can Installing CCTV Prevent Maid Abuse?

There is no doubt that maid abuse has been on the rise in Singapore. This development has thrown the vast majority of homeowners into considerable shock as they look for effective ways to counter this crime. To begin with, it is essential to note that a maid is a person who is hired by homeowners to complete various domestic tasks and most importantly, taking care of young children once their parents are away. To curb maid abuse, home CCTV installation has emerged as the best option because numerous employers have already installed closed-circuit television systems to monitor their maids remotely. So, can installing CCTV prevent maid abuse? Keep reading to find out.

How To Choose The Right CCTV Supplier

It is essential to know what happens around your home when you are away especially when you have left younger family members under the care of maids. Numerous cases of maids mistreating such family members have been reported hence prompting the use of CCTV. After the installation is done, the maids will not dare to do anything unacceptable because the watchful eye of the installed cameras will spy on them. With this in mind, it becomes very hard for the maids to commit any crime since they will easily be caught. This way, maid abuse is prevented.

CCTV systems have the ability to record and transmit all activities happening at designated areas in real time. There are times when a maid may decide to commit a crime or abuse a family member even when fully aware that they are under constant surveillance. In such cases, abuse can be noted and prevented before further damage is done. For instance, it is possible for the CCTV system to capture an ongoing abuse and relay the images to the employer who will then decide on the next cause of action. With real time surveillance, maid abuse is kept in check.

Cases of maids stealing money and other valuables from their employers can only be prevented by embracing home CCTV installation. Although there has been an outcry from various quarters defending the privacy rights of maids, it is essential to note that an employer has the power to make surveillance installations in his or her home. Bearing in mind the fact that maids are often left alone in the homes of their employers, there is need to protect property because numerous cases of maids turning into daylight thieves have been reported. To prevent maids from abusing their employer's property, CCTV installation is mandatory.

Maid abuse does is not only limited to theft and mistreatment of young family members. Indeed, maids can abuse your home by inviting unknown visitors into your home without your knowledge or authority. Some of such visitors may turn out to be harmful people who may cause unnecessary and unwanted trouble within your home. With home CCTV installation, you will be able to monitor all the people who enter your home in your absence and determine whether your maids observe simple instructions barring them from inviting people into your premises.

So, can installing CCTV prevent maid abuse? Absolutely! It is very effective.
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