Where Can I Find Intrusion Detection CCTV System?

The need for protection against break-ins and intrusions in Singapore has drastically heightened in recent years. A break-in or intrusion can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which is the reason it is such a complicated issue. You cannot afford them and you cannot spend hours worrying about them. This has led to a rise in demand for more intuitive round-the-clock monitoring solutions that provide highly advanced detection capabilities, such as an Intrusion Detection CCTV System.


A CCTV system with intrusion detection capabilities integrated into it can prove to be an asset to successful and worthwhile security. This is because they can alert to break-ins and intrusions at protected premises. A CCTV intrusion detection system can shelter your premises and property 24/7, even in your absence. No separate sensors will be required since the video feeds that the CCTV system is providing will be monitored automatically.

Any intrusion by both people and vehicles will be instantly recognized will be reported right away. The cause of an alarm will be displayed in the form of a video clip. There will be no need to figure out which camera detected the intrusion and then search for the right video. Alerts can be accessed within seconds so the relevant response can be determined in no time.

You Can Find Intrusion Detection CCTV Systems From Locally Known Companies

While there are indeed plenty of locally and nationally known CCTV installation companies in Singapore, it is not that you outright put your trust in them. Over the years, a unique awareness and understanding of the quality of installation in Singapore have been obtained through CCTV audits. These audits suggest that the individual salesperson who designs a system and the reputation or size of the installation company rarely influence the design and quality of the system. This makes it very necessary to order an Intrusion Detection CCTV System only from a leading CCTV supplier & security system in Singapore.

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Why You Should Look For An Intrusion Detection CCTV System?

A CCTV system with integrated intrusion detective capabilities can prove to be a smart video solution offering a myriad of practical benefits and features for optimal effectiveness:

= Intruders and suspicions bodies entering into restricted and secured areas will be identified and recognized immediately, just seconds after the occurrence of such an event.

= Only intruding individuals and objects of a predefined size, breaking and entering from a certain direction or point to another, will be detected and identified. This way, the system will not end up triggering false alarms as a result of harsh weather conditions or passing animals or birds.

= Audio and visual alarms of any suspicious body or individual will be automatically triggered in real time. This way, the precise location of an intrusion can be pinpointed onscreen.

= All the events that caused a particular alert to be triggered can be accessed right away, without any delay. This way, it can be assessed whether or not any of the events are actually posing a genuine threat.

= Greater monitoring coverage is offered from multiple live feeds with causing an information overload. Even when the monitors are not displaying the relevant camera, the monitor will still display a pop-up of any intrusion alert.

= Makes it possible for security personnel to focus on assessing events, verifying potential intrusions and reacting accordingly. The automated system handles a majority of the monitoring tasks.

= Additional staff does not have to be hired in order to operate the CCTV network. This way, annual operational expenditures can be cut down on a regular basis.

= As mentioned, break-ins and intrusions can end up costing hundreds to thousands or even millions of dollars when it comes to high risk/public facilities. These costs can be avoided with an Intrusion Detection CCTV System.

Greater control and instant response has also become possible because of recent technological advancements that have been made in these systems. Thus, in the event of a break-in or intrusion, acting immediately becomes possible. Unique alert systems and door entry and motion detectors provide instant notifications to a cell phone or over email. This means that there will be no need to wait in order to call the police or check the security footage.

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This additional layer of control and functionality that is provided by these systems can definitely prove to be valuable and worthwhile for business security.

= Motion activity can be monitored from room to room
= Door activity can be monitored
= Emergency alarms can be received on both cell phones and in emails
= CCTV surveillance footage can also be monitored online from anywhere
= An in-depth security log can be maintained of all activity

Where To Buy An Intrusion Detection CCTV System?

It should be obvious, but the most convenient place where you can find and order a system like this is online, from a company in Singapore specialising in all types of security cameras for both home and office use. It will prove to be even more convenient if the website you order from is a one stop solution to shop for a wide range of security cameras. The company should be fulfilling the commercial and residential surveillance security camera needs of the whole of Singapore. The company you order from should be specialists in areas like CCTV, home security, high resolution CCTV, home security, office surveillance camera, maid surveillance, shop hoses building CCTV, and more.


In order to take full advantage of Intrusion Detection CCTV Systems, it is very important to know as much about these systems as possible. The arrival of these systems can be regarded as the evolution of traditional CCTV monitoring. Consequently, a more effective and efficient era has dawned in round-the-clock surveillance, even though serious concerns still exist.

Fortunately, thanks to systems like it has now become to prevent the security of personal and private premises from being compromised as a result of break-ins and intrusions. Now that you know that the most convenient and ideal place to find an Intrusion Detection CCTV System is online, you should be able to order the right one from the right company.

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