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Pros & Cons On Wireless CCTV

CCTV, the short form of Close Circuit Television is one of the recent trends of technology. It has become an inevitable tool in monitoring and security. CCTV was originally introduced in the field of science and military. Then its usage was extended to the field of medicine. Then it was used in shopping malls and businesses for security and control purpose. Today, it has become so popular that it is used extensively in homes. The intensive use of CCTVs has led to many researches and as a result it has undergone many developments. One such development is wireless CCTV.

Pros & Cons On Wireless CCTV

CCTV is an important tool of security in Singapore. Many people have realized the importance of installing a CCTV. If you decide to install a CCTV for your home or business, you have to make a major decision. You have to decide if you want wireless or traditional CCTV. Before making a decision you have to know what wireless CCTV is and what are its pros and cons.

What is a wireless CCTV?

A CCTV is a system which is different from broadcast TV. It has a closed circuit in which all the elements are directly connected. In a traditional CCTV the cameras are connected to the controls with analog links and cables. Wireless CCTV, as the name suggests, has no wires and cable connection. The monitoring is done through an IP network. The data can be accessed through computers and smart phones.

What are the pros of wireless CCTV?

Easy and inexpensive installation and setup -
It takes a long time to set up a traditional CCTV but it takes just 3-4 hours to install a wireless CCTV. Wired cameras have to be mounted on walls. You need to fix a wall mount first and then mount the camera. There is no need or digging and drilling to install the cables. These steps are not needed for a wireless CCTV because it can be easily connected to an IP camera or other IP hardware like DVRs.

No wires and no tangles -
These days there are too much wires and cables all over a home. There are wires for TV, computers and all other electric gadgets. Wires all over a room can affect the looks of a room. Moreover, the wires and cables get tangled with each other. Dust keeps on accumulating on them. It is difficult to remove the dust from these wires. No wires’ is a big plus for wireless CCTV.

Mobility -
You can move your IP cameras to any place you wish. You need not worry about reinstalling the camera. It is mobile and can be carried anywhere you like. You can change the area of access from time to time.

Flexibility -
Wired cameras cannot be installed in all places that you want. Wireless cameras can be installed even in high places because you need no switch boards and other outlets.

Compact size -
IP cameras are compact in size. They are easy to carry and good to look at. They can be concealed in a corner or in shelves,

Reduced maintenance -
Cable maintenance is one of the important costs incurred in wired CCTV. You can save the cost and time spent for cable maintenance. The line leasing costs are also saved.

Retrieval of videos -
It is easy to retrieve the videos stored from IP cameras. You have scope of remote access to the data with smart phones and iPads. You can have a live footage on your phone.

Coverage -
The coverage of IP cameras in wireless CCTV vary depending upon the price and model. There are cameras that can receive signals from a distance of up to 10 miles or more. You have the option of choosing a camera to suit your needs and your budget.

Security -
Wireless CCTV is the best option for motion detection. It records every single movement and when you have live footage, you are assured of more security.

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What are the cons of Wireless CCTV?

Disruption of signals -
This is the major con. Wireless IP cameras operate on one specific frequency. The chances of the signals getting disrupted are high if there are other networks, internet and microwaves.

Risk of hacking -
If the camera is not secured properly, you have to face the risk of hacking.

Professional help -
If there is any problem, you need the help of a professional technician to fix it. You can't fix it yourselves.

Quality of images -
The video may not be of high quality because of disruptions.

There are a lot of pros for wireless CCTV and a few cons. Most of the cons can be avoided if you go to the best company for your CCTV requirements. SG CCTV is undoubtedly one of the best in Singapore because you are assured of the best service and security.
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