Things To Take Note Of Before Installing CCTV Outside Your Home

Installing a CCTV outside the home is important. It will capture the view of what is happening, what is going on around. Keeping the camera outside is important when there are children and the elderly because they are one of the most vulnerable groups being the target of any potential untoward incidence. Further, it is also important to make sure that the camera that you install does not harm the privacy of others. Thus, if the camera outside your home at the road or neighbour’s properly could infringe their privacy and may attract a liability as per rules under the law. Your camera may get other peoples videos without their knowledge which is a violation of the law under HDB. Therefore, when in CCTV installation outside your home, take into account the following points:

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Avoid installation in a private place -
Make sure your CCTV outside the home is not in a private place. Doing so is illegal and may attract liability because of it's a case of infringement of privacy.

Install after consent -
If you’re installing the CCTV assembly in the premises of your HDB, take permission without fail. You can install it as per law. You must take the approval of the housing society. If they don't permit, convince and negotiate with hem so you could install it hassle-free. If they don't permit, convince and negotiate with hem so you could install it hassle-free. Further, you may be required to obtain official permission from authorities as required. You should take even if it is not mandatory as a matter of empathy.

Before installing the surveillance unit, a police report granting formal permission for the installation should be made. It is also mandatory to let the town council of the area be informed in this regard. This will lead to getting permission from the town council as per rules in Singapore. And, in case the property that you stay is rented, you must get formal consent from the landlord.

Homeowners making videos of beyond the boundaries of their home is not permissible by law. Thus, if people are indulging in such activities are not entitled any exemptions to the rules. Even when you make short videos on the road or pavement it could be legal consequences. You need to consider all these considerations before you install a CCTV unit within your HDB.

Your CCTV should monitor people within the boundaries, when there are streaming images that can be accessible captured by the camera. If the camera captures pictures beyond your boundaries such as road, pavement, neighbourhood properties it is not legit in Singapore.

CCTV For Corridor

Let others know that CCTV is working -
When you are installing the CCTV camera, you should inform all around the home about it. You can display signboard saying this area is under surveillance.  Even if you're going to use it for maids, or employees, tell them about this. You can tell them verbally as well as getting them signed in a piece of communication.

CCTV should not show common corridors -
In such a case, it will be a violation of the privacy of the parties whose property is being shown. This will violate the privacy of your neighbour.

Choose a good CCTV unit -
If you're installing the CCTV at a place where there is strong sunlight and the place getting rainwater, it may damage the camera. Added to this is the possibility of damage caused by intruders. Therefore, it is important to choose a unit that is resisting against all these potential damages. If you wish to continue monitoring at night as well, you can choose an infrared camera along with your CCTV unit.

Check how far the camera can cover -
Find out the extent of the area that the CCTV camera system can cover. Once you know whether the camera can cover he desirable area, you can add additional cameras if need be. Choose from the wide variety of kits that come.

Choose wireless camera -
Choose a CCTV unit equipped with Wi-Fi compatibility. If you wish to monitor a particular place outside the home, you can make it possible to bring in changes in the camera as per your needs. It is important to note that if the unit is not secure in the place of its location, W-Fi will help you resolve it.

Take care of the legal implications -
Make sure you use the CCTV camera unit exclusively for monitoring your premises - strictly. Each individual has the right to privacy and family life in their home. And, if your CCTV camera system results in monitoring neighbour’s activities, it tantamount breaching of human rights and is likely to attract criminal prosecution.

It should enable remote view - This is an important factor to consider while choosing a CCTV that is compatible IP camera and CCTV camera. IP based camer
a is the best option if you opt to monitor people from smartphone or PC using the Internet.  Of course, simple CCTV units that don't come with advanced features work well.

CCTV For Corridor

Choose good hardware

Choose a unit that can store, HD videos, check out if any additional feature is required. In many cases, the unit has storage and recording hardware. A few can store data on the cloud, that store videos, etc. online.

Storage in the local area is accomplished on a hard disk as it is in case of an individual desktop or laptop computer. The two (the hard disk of the camera and desktop/laptop) the former has a higher capacity.

It can run for a longer period. The disk is to be replaced when it is full. You need to fix the duration for which you wish to store recorded video.

Choose a reputed & experienced series provider - Look for a professional team that can help you and handle CCTV installation. Choose a service provider offering quality post-sale service.

Finals words

CCTV installation is immensely helpful in protecting children, the elderly, and property against intruders and the potential harm thereof. However, often in the aforesaid frenzy, you cannot gloss over it as if it were a fine print. Trespassing others’ privacy is not only harmful to them but also you as well thanks to the probable hassles that it brings as per the rules in Singapore.

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