Top 9 CCTV Installation Tips For The Best Home Surveillance In Singapore

Whether your want to boost the security of your home or office or you want to improve an existing system, you cannot make a mistake by choosing a good CCTV security system. As compared to an alarm, a CCTV system usually gives more details. The nice thing about CCTV system is that it can easily identify the intruders and get to know their plans with a clear video. Since there are many systems currently available, you need to be very careful when making a choice so that you can make the right choice. However, even after making the best choice it’s very important to ensure that the CCTV system Singapore is installed effectively so as to take care of your security.

Home Surveillance

Here are some key tips to help you when installing CCTV system Singapore.

· Take care of the blind spots

It’s usually a common knowledge for the CCTV systems to capture key areas of the site. This means that there are some areas that are usually ignored. By working closely with the remote monitoring unit you need to check the blind spots. While you are commissioning the CCTV system, do a walk test and ensure that every key area is captured well. This can simply be done by walking around the area with the operator checking whether they are able to view you using the footage. If the operator is unable to see you at one particular point it means you are in a blind spot hence the system must be tweaked.

· Cabling

While this is very simple, it’s a very important step. When you leave the CCTV cable exposed you are making your systems vulnerable. These cables could easily be tampered with thereby making the whole system weak. For outdoor systems, ensure that cables are protected and concealed so that they can be out of reach. It’s also advisable to check if there is any potential weak areas. Confirm where there could be a weak area and choose a cable stranded with wire to help you withstand against tilting and panning movement of the camera.

· Signage and maintenance

It’s also very important to follow up the installation with the customer. You should ensure that the customer is aware of the regulations surrounding the system. This includes a sign indicating that there is CCTV in use the premise. There should also be additional information that can help deter criminals. Although you would have secured a maintenance contract, it’s still required to tell the customers how they can take care of their CCTV system. Aftercare services can make all the difference when it comes to CCTV installation.

Home Surveillance

· Check the stability

Tilt, pan and zoom cameras can highly enhance the ability of the alarm and CCTV camera to remotely monitor a site. They enable the operators to focus on any strange activity and even follow them as they move around the site. However, for the operators to view the image well the cameras must not wobble or shake. Unstable cameras can make the images look blurred which may not make them serve as an evidence. You, therefore, need to constantly check the stability of the cameras and instruct the remote monitoring station to tilt the functions and test the pan.

· Use a monitoring software to name the cameras well

Since you will have many cameras set up they are likely to be placed in different parts of your house. You should, therefore, avoid confusion by giving your cameras names. You can log into your monitoring software or account, look at the menu and select the camera of your choice. Next, name each camera according to the location where it’s situated. For example, you can have a CCTV camera in the baby’s room and name it such. This will not only make your system easy to view but also easy to manage.

· Share your cameras over the net

If you have an effective camera, you should connect it to your home network and the internet as well. You can even connect the two in such a way that you can always monitor your home cameras from the internet. Viewing your cameras from the internet on holiday or at work will give you a peace of mind knowing very well that you are safe. There are even some special cameras that can let you share live videos with friends and other family members. Your friends and family can, therefore, watch what’s happening in your premise and inform you. You can even download the recording's so as to share the viewing at later date.

Home Surveillance

· Make use of any apps or software includes

CCTV cameras are not that important unless they are saving the records. If you have a good network you can always upload data to services such as drop box or Google drive. This is good since it will prevent the criminals from stealing the hard drive of your CCTV camera records. Whether you are using PC, smartphone, or a computer, you can always receive some notifications in case you detect any movements. This means you will only need a click or two to monitor the security of your home well.

· Get the best provider

There are things that can only be handled well by experts and CCTV system is one of them. When looking for CCTV Singapore system, it’s very important to select a firm that has experience and reputation to offer you the best. It’s even good if the company can provide you with the cameras plus all the apps and software's that you need for your system to work. Since you might need after sale services and upgrades you need to select a firm that will offer you more than the cameras.

· Start with the bundled software and look for an alternative

Under most circumstances, it’s important to start using the software that comes with your system. This will ensure that you have the right drivers and that your system will operate in the best way. Once this is set, you can look for a different package. If the feature that you need is not supported, you can search for an alternative software.


Home and business security is something that every business and homeowner need to take seriously. To ensure that your CCTV system works well there are a number of tips that can help you. These include taking care of blind spots, cabling, maintenance, taking care of stability, using a monitoring software and more. It’s also advisable to check the footage so as to confirm whether the images captured are clear. This will ensure that you and your property is safe.

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