What Are The Different Types Of CCTV DVR in Singapore?

If you’ve made up your mind to secure your business or home by installing a robust surveillance system with hi-tech security cameras, you’re making a good decision. However considering the wide range of CCTV DVR types on the market, you’ll have a difficult time choosing the best camera for your needs.

here are different types of CCTV security systems available in Singapore for you to choose from, and it’s really important to choose the best type for your needs. With some research and choosing one of the best CCTV DVR types, you save good money by buying what you actually need, and can feel bit assured that you are getting best possible security and protection due to your surveillance system.

What Are The Different Types Of CCTV DVR?

Wired vs. Wireless

Among the different security cameras available on the market, you can choose between wired and wireless options. Just because you’ve decided to buy wired or wireless cameras does not mean you’re restricting your other options. Some people are comfortable with wired surveillance cameras because they are the ones people are most familiar with. You can get many top-of-the-line wired security cameras with lots of exciting options.

If you don’t want to mess with wires, then you should go for wireless CCTV DVR types. They are much easier to install and you can do so within hours. They are most easy to move around and you can easily rearrange your system at any time. If you have old wired cameras installed in your building, there’s no need to phase them out before installing wireless cameras because they can work fine side-by-side for some time.

* Dome or Bullet Cameras
These surveillance cameras come in either bullet or dome shape, and both of them have their own advantages. Dome cameras are best for all those who want to secure large areas, such as offices and large retail stores. As it’s not easy to see inside the dome, people cannot find which direction the camera is filming at. There users of these cameras can sometime deter crime without buying sufficient cameras to record every inch of their building in Singapore.

Bullet cameras look like usual cameras and are mounted on ceiling or wall. It’s easy to tell where camera is pointing and what it is recording. These are general purpose cameras that are best for outdoor or indoor use in both office and homes.

* Hidden Cameras
These CCTV DVR types are best if you want to keep any eye without being detected by the general public. These cameras come in various styles, but most of them are small wireless cameras that can be easily hidden.

These cameras are best for all those who are interested in a reliable nanny cam. These type of cams allow you to keep an eye on nanny or babysitter to make sure je or she is doing the job. You can even buy ink pens, alarm clocks, and other items that are fully functional yet work as hidden security cameras.

* Daytime General Purpose Security Cameras
These CCTV DVR types are mostly used inside stores and other places as daytime security camera. They usually come in bullet shape, and are mounted on wall, outdoor post or ceiling. They do not have infrared technology, so they won’t capture any footage if there’s no light. However, it can be compensated by installing lights near the camera.

* Infrared Security Cameras
These cameras use infrared technology for capturing clear footage in low light conditions. These cameras are best for indoor and outdoor use. They capture images in various quality levels in the dark and can record in complete darkness.

* IP/Network Security Camera

These cameras can come in many different forms and allow users to view surveillance footage from their laptop or computer from any place in the world using the Internet. These days, these cameras come with hi-tech security features and now nobody can stream your surveillance footage by hacking your network.

* Vandal-Proof Security Cameras
These CCTV DVR types are best if you are worried that your security cameras will be damaged by vandals or thieves. These cameras are designed to be tough, which makes it impossible to break. You can also use vandal-proof cases to protect more sensitive cameras, giving you complete protection without investing in a brand new camera.

Many exciting deals on CCTV DVR type cameras is available online on many stores. You can research and choose best camera for your needs. Many stores will also get these systems installed in your office or home at reasonable charges.
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