Best CCTV Cameras To Use In Monitoring Your Maid In Singapore

The trend in Singapore today is that many people are increasingly relying on their maids to take care of their children. But the recent revelation that maids are abusing kids has sent shockwaves among many parents. Different kinds of abuses have been reported by Singaporean parents, and they include molestation, feeding children on improper foods because of jealousy, and even throwing kids from three-storey blocks. If you are a parent in Singapore and are reading this, the only solution available to you is using CCTV cameras to monitor your maid. However, the question normally is: What is the kind of CCTV camera that you should choose from the many that are available?

CCTV Cameras To Monitor Maid

The recommended type of CCTV camera

It is recommended that you use a covert CCTV camera such as motion detector, miniature board camera or clock camera among several other types of CCTV cameras. However, there are several things that determine the kind of camera that you will use at the end of the day. Some of the things you need to consider are building layout, your needs and also application. You also have to consider the government policy regarding the use of these security cameras. For instance, in Singapore, it is against the law to install a wireless CCTV camera. If you break this law and use a wireless CCTV, you could be fined up to $1000. Therefore, your best option is to use wired covert camera.

Therefore, the type of CCTV cameras that are best suited with your house is the wired covert cameras. These are especially good in apartments that are quite compact and the distance between this camera and the VCR should be short enough. However, you need not worry about installation as this will be taken care of by the company that you buy the CCTV monitoring systems from will install them for you. The reason why you need to choose this covert CCTV camera is to avoid offending the maid.

Location of your VCR

To avoid your maid discovering this spy camera, it is important not to have the VCR and the CCTV camera in the same room. A good idea would be to use the VCR in a room which is located in a closed place such as wardrobe. The room in which the VCR is to be located needs to be one that your maid doesn’t frequent. This lets you be able to monitor your kid and what the maid does to her even if you happen to be in another room like toilet, kitchen, and also from your workplace via a computer.


This means Remote Tele-Surveillance System, and it lets you watch the maid while you are not at home in Real-Time. To do this, you will only have to dial your CCTV camera at home. But first you will have to purchase gadgets that will connect to the camera system at home. These devices send images from your CCTV camera to your computer screen.


Closed Cable Television, simply known as CCTV or security cameras, are a smart way of monitoring activities that take place in your house while you are away. Today, more and more people in Singapore are turning to CCTV to help them in monitoring their maids. However, it is important to know just what kind of CCTV camera is best for maid monitoring in Singapore.
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