8 Reasons To Install Surveillance Camera For Office

Installing a surveillance camera in the office comes under the most obvious things to do before starting an office or an organization. This will eradicate your headache about the security measures as the security cameras will ensure that you can at least monitor the whole office compound. In case of any unfortunate events or theft or accidents, this will help you catch the reasons or the culprits. Here, in this article, we have discussed eight reasons why you should install a surveillance camera in your office.

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1. To protect your office from intruders:

This is the main reason why you definitely need to install security cameras in your office. Your office may be in Singapore or any other country in the world, but the risk of vandals or intruders getting into your office is imminent everywhere. Especially if your office runs for a particular period of time and not 24X7, then the chances of your office getting attacked in the off hours is pretty high. Security cameras will help you and your security guards to monitor any such situation. According to some statistics, offices without security cameras pose 2.7 times more risk of being attacked. Even if you have security personnel to guard your facility, still you need those surveillance cameras to ensure that the intruders are not getting inside through some unguarded wall or door or any other kind of opening.

2. To protect your office from fire:

Office fires generally start from a very small flame or spark in electric lines. The spark can originate from any corner of the office, the storeroom or even the toilets. There is no way that you can monitor these by employing manpower. There is only one actual solution to this problem, to install closed circuit surveillance cameras. Your security head can monitor all the cameras sitting in s single room and in case of any kind of fire outbreak, he can take necessary actions and ring the alarm. Installing those cameras can save you great in monitory aspect and would prevent from any great fire outbreak.

3. Protecting important files and documents and parts:

Each and every office has its own share of confidential and important files, documents and valuables. Some of the offices also house some very expensive spare parts, components, machines and chemicals. To protect those valuables, you need to have an all time monitoring system and this is only achievable by installing the cameras. Even in such situations where there was no way to prevent any kind of burglary, you can still have the video footage of the crime and if lucky, you may even catch the intruders on camera, giving you a great chance to catch the culprits and recover your items.

4. Getting emergency medical assistance:

In offices around the world, emergency medical contacts can arise without any prior notice. Anyone in your office may suddenly get ill, may have a serious asthma attack or may even have a stroke. In those cases, surveillance cameras come as a savior. By monitoring your entire office through those cameras, your security officer will immediately know if any such case arises. He then can call the medical team or the ambulance without any further delay and thus ensuring the safety of a life.

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5. To monitor less frequented areas:

In every office, there are some rooms, where the staffs don’t go regularly. Those rooms are often kept locked and without any guard. There is always a chance that some dishonest or lazy employee will sneak in those rooms and take a break in between working hours. There is no way that you can notice their absence by person and even if you do, you will think that the employee might be having some other important works looked upon. In these cases, the security cameras will come pretty handy and will let you know of any such regrettable incidents.

6. Electricity management:

Electricity management is another big issue that you will face while running an office. Employees around the world, especially in places like Singapore have a tendency to leave the room or the cubicle without turning the lights, fans, air conditioners or even their computers off. Nobody can go around in each and every room and check for any unused electric appliance that is still running. To monitor any such cases, security cameras come pretty useful. This feature helps you greatly in reducing the electricity consumption of your office and saves you big bucks at the end of the day.

7. Providing a sense of community and safety:

Installing those cameras also increases the sense of security in the employees. They tend to grow a certain amount of faith over the employers. This will eventually help in increasing the whole situation in the office, providing a great mood and a better work culture. Safety is one of the most basic needs and by installing the cameras you ensure that for your employers. Try to organize periodic meetings and conferences regarding the security systems and the cameras and let the employees share their feedback in that matter.

8. To avoid liabilities:

Having those surveillance cameras installed will increase your chance of getting more return in insurance claims. This will prove that you were not negligent in providing the required security. It will also help you keep protected any kind of lawsuits in case of any emergency. You just need to take great care of the whole system and the cameras. Repair or replace them when they break down. Update the whole system periodically to avoid any kind of flaws in the system.
At the end of the day the safety still remains as the most important thing. To have a great workplace and good efficiency, you need to provide safety first. Ensuring them the safety will help the employees to work with a peace of mind. They will be more efficient and they will be in debt to the employer for the workplace or office environment. Especially in Singapore, where the people are very thankful for the basic things in life, you will get more in return for providing the safety and installing the surveillance cameras.

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