PTZ Camera VS Ip Camera

Until few years back only a limited number of CCTV cameras were there and people had very limited options for same. So, it was very much easy for them to choose camera for their security system. But things are different now as market is full of so many different kind of CCTV cameras and you may wonder which one you should choose and one which one you should ignore. In present time people either prefer to have a PTZ camera for securing their property or they give preference to IP camera. Here I am giving you a detailed report about PTZ camera vs IP camera and then you can take your decision in a wise manner.

PTZ Camera

Failure Rate:

PTZ camera simple means point, tilt and zoom camera. You can point it toward a particular area, you can tilt the camera and you can zoom it to a particular spot as well. Although this is a plus point of the PTZ camera, but it increases its rate of failure as well. Due to this movement it can break the wires or it can have other problems in it and it will increase the chances of failure. However, in a fixed focus IP camera, you will not have this issue as it will not move and it will have fewer chances of damage in it. Also, if you are zooming in an IP camera, then that will zoom only in one direction and that will have least negative effect on it. So, rate of failure is one of the biggest differences that you can find between both the options.

Coverage area:

Theoretically the coverage area a PTZ camera is much larger than IP camera. A PTZ camera can move or rotate and it can cover a large place with single installation. But this increases the chances of blind spots as well for few seconds and that blind spot for few seconds can surely create a security risk for you. At the other hand IP camera may not cover that much space with single camera, but it will not leave any blind spot. So, if you can install three or four IP camera at different places, then you can cover almost entire area without worrying about blind spot.

Picture quality:

If you have a basic idea about camera and its zooming then you will know that a zoom will reduce the quality of your picture. So, if you are zooming at a particular spot using PTZ camera, then it can have lower picture quality. You don’t have to deal with this problem while using IP camera because it gives you the best picture quality. Also, in moving situation a camera may not take the best pictures, but this issue is never there with a fixed camera. If it is fixed at one place then you will not see any blur in the picture and you will have better picture quality in it. So, we can say that is another difference between both of these cameras.

IP Camera

Operational troubles:

In order to manage a PTZ camera, you need to be there next to your setup and if you are not there then you cannot operate it. However, you can get rid of this trouble using IP camera. With an IP camera you can do the monitoring at any place in the world. So, if you are there in other city then also your IP based camera system can help you do the monitoring in easy ways. But you cannot have this liberty while using the regular PTZ camera and you will need to be there to operate it. So, we can safely say that operational trouble is one more big difference that you can find in both the options

Total Cost:

Cost of the PTZ camera is always high compared to IP camera. In present situation, we can say that a PTZ camera cost you 4 times more money than any standard IP camera. But that’s not the end of your expenses, because in PTZ camera, you will have more chances of failure. That means, you will have to invest money in it due to extra damages. You will not have any reason to worry about the damage part in a fixed IP camera because it will not have moving parts and that will reduce the chances of damage and it will reduce the overall cost as well. So, I can definitely name the cost difference another big factor between these two options.

Installation part:

 Installation of PTZ camera is not easy and you need a lot of precision to get the best outcome from it. If you will make any mistake in the installation part then you will not be able to use it with its full potential and you might actually damage it as well while using. That means you will need to hire someone who can do the installation for you. However, you don’t have to worry about this issue as well while using IP camera and in most of the cases, you can install it by yourself. Hence, we can say installation of IP camera is much easier compare to its PTZ counterpart and it is highly cost effective as well.

Practical use:

If you think a PTZ camera is useful for a small area, then you are wrong about it. A PTZ camera is practical for very big area that you need to monitor from a centralized place. At the other hand an IP camera is good for small locations and it can help you do the monitoring of area from any place without having any trouble or complication in the entire process.
So, in last I would say, both the options can have a lot of pros and cons in it and you need to choose one that suit best for you. With this article you get some basic details and if you will choose an option carefully, then you will be able to get the best result with it in easy and highly effective manner.

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