The Benefits Of Installing CCTV In Your Office

CCTV cameras in Singapore

There are various types of home security systems which are currently available in the market. The systems cater for various needs to the owners. Currently, the systems come with many functions such as a transmitter, camera, recording device and a monitor.

If you require the best security camera, Singapore CCTV is your one stop solution for all kinds of security cameras. The company specializes in: CCTV, home security, maid surveillance, high resolution CCTV, office surveillance camera and shop houses building CCTV. By installing the system, burglars and vandals would think twice before acting upon the CCTV which is installed in your home.

Benefits of choosing a trusted Singapore CCTV camera

It is imperative to have the best security system if you either run a company with hundreds of employees or a small restaurant. As mentioned, above, burglars and criminals don’t have a chance of entering into a business premise or an office because the Singapore CCTV cameras are very important. The following are the major benefits of Singapore CCTV cameras:

· It is considered mandatory for businesses

The CCTV cameras can be rightly considered mandatory for most of the businesses such as banks, casinos, warehouses and factories. Singapore CCTV contractor will definitely offer solutions that guarantees absolute security for businesses. In fact, it covers areas where goods and inventory are scanned. It also monitors workers who enters or exit the business premises.

· It provides a safe working environment

Singapore CCTV cameras monitors IT personnel or Any other staffs who are managing the large data facilities and centers in which the modern businesses are required so as to prevent and maintain the digital assets and the storage devices.

· It is a comprehensive security management

The CCTV cameras can also provide a comprehensive security management. Federal governments, large property owners, transit system jurisdiction, and transit system operations are some of the places where the system can provide a comprehensive management in Singapore.

· It can give some evidence

In Singapore, most thieves are not opportunistic but people who plans thoroughly and know the right time to strike a deal. Those people can leave very little evidence if there is no trace. If the thieves are not caught as they are stealing, the CCTV camera will provide high definition recordings which can easily be reproduced, zoomed and slowed till the thieves are found.

· It provides constant presence

When you have gone home, sleeping or on holiday, the CCTV camera will always provide security by capturing of the potential intruders who might sneak into the business premises in Singapore.

· It is a better home surveillance in areas which cannot be viewed easily

By mounting a CCTV camera at the back of your room, it will enable you to get better surveillance of your home. Another benefit of the system is the fact that you will view the footage on your internet. Therefore, it will give a peace of mind when you are in a far place.

Types of Singapore CCTV cameras

The following are some of the kinds of CCTV cameras available in Singapore and why it is use:

· Wireless CCTV cameras

The CCTV cameras have fewer installation wires which are hidden. As a result, criminals cannot cut the wires so as to stop transmission and video taping. As compared to wired cameras, they are easy to install.

· Night vision CCTV cameras

Night vision camera makes it easier to see the intruder during the night. The vision in the camera is even better between day and night visions as it will automatically show the best picture.

· Outdoor/indoor CCTV cameras

Indoor cameras ensure that the staff sits where they are supposed to be. On the other hand, outdoor cameras are used for keeping control of the possible intruders before they get into a business premise. Indoor and outdoor cameras are protected against fire and damages.

How to install Singapore CCTV cameras

· 1st step

The initial step of installing the CCTV camera is to ensure that the system came with everything that you require. These comprises of: camera or cameras, cords and DVR.

· 2nd step

Secondly, you need to find the best place for the cameras. This will depend on where you need to cover. Most of the people prefer placing their cameras at the back or front doors. Therefore, they are able to see if people are entering or leaving their businesses or homes. When you purchase a camera which can be moved inside the office or home, it should be placed in an area which allows full scan of the entrance of a premise. Most people prefer placing the movable cameras at the corner where the roof meets the house walls. This will allow the camera to view a nice area. Consequently, it will give some shelter to the camera from sun, winds, rain and snow.

· 3rd step

The third step is to run a cord to an area which is easy to get if you are using hard wired camera. Consequently, fix the connectors to the DVR.

· 4TH Step

The fourth step is to install the cameras by drilling of holes in the designated places. After that, put the camera in place by Screwing into the holes provided. Before doing this, ensure that you read the manufacture’s installation guide.

· 5th step

After connection, the cameras need to be plugged into power supply. There are two options. First, you need to plug each of the cameras into an outlet separately. Using an AC or DC Power box. Secondly, connect your monitor to your DVR before turning on the power to the cameras. Finally, start taping immediately so as to ensure that everything is working properly. The connection will give you an opportunity to learn more about the device.


If you are doing business in Singapore, yet you have not installed a CCTV camera, you need to ensure that the CCTV system is installed as it is beneficial. In addition to that, don’t go for any CCTV camera. In fact, you need to buy from the Singapore CCTV camera company since it will be reliable.

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