Busting 5 Myths Of Installing CCTV



CCTV tech is becoming more crucial by day as insecurity rises in every corner. Businesses are installing these machines for the purpose of monitoring and managing businesses. They can catch any irregularity and mishap in the premises with a quick glance.

The tech is also used in public areas to monitor the same activities and spot traffic offenders. The tech has been face with a lot of controversy as the 'big brother saga' lies in its court. There are many assumptions and myths that have come with the CCTV equipment and its installation. CCTVs are not always about what we think. Getting a security camera is also a good thing due to countless reasons. The public is widely misinformed about the features and purposes of CCTVs.
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The tech seems only to come in handy when a bank robbery or a shoplifter is caught. This is an amazing source of evidence but will also offer more than that. CCTV are now almost everywhere. There are those that document video while others take snapshots. What are the myths about CCTVs and are they true or false?

Any one can install CCTV

This myth is both true and false. The truth about CCTV installation is despite all the wires DVRs and other equipment; they can be installed by any tech geek. This installation can be attempted by anyone who works with computer tech and understands the wiring. There are however professionals who have specialized in these installations. These will do it faster and better in terms of placement and management. The only reason one should install a security camera on their own is to cut costs. They can only d so with some tech background so as to do a safe job

DVRS are the best CCTV tech ever

This can be easily refuted with the advancement of the digital world. The new CCTV technology has gone digital also for various reasons. The DVRs need to use tapes and other old fashioned equipment. They will get the job done well. However, stopping at this technology would be like computer tech stopping at CDs. This is needful as digital tech allows the information to be stored in large masses without investing in tapes. The only thing needed is virtual storage. The information or the stored data can be transferred via an IP address making it easier to obtain evidence or information.

CCTVS are a waste of time

The truth of the matter is that one will not know the value of these gadgets till they are the only evidence you have over a robbery or criminal activities. These gadgets have helped reduce crime to a very high degree. They are needful despite the social outlook. They can be the lie between justice and a criminal going scot free.

CCTVs are a public waste resource

This myth can only be corrected by putting the reasons why they are valuable in the open. These gadgets have the ability to capture crime and even prevent it. Most offenders will avoid areas with CCTVs. Any crime caught of these cameras will be solved amicably as they provide a good source of evidence.

CCTVs are an expensive affair

You can acquire your CCTV equipment at a very reasonable price. Yu can also have it installed by a professional or do it yourself if you have some technical back ground. If you compare the cost of having CCTV system surveillance to having your property vandalized, it is worth every penny. There are also different types of CCTV surveillance equipment designed to fit almost any budget.
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