Can I View My CCTV On iPhone?

Even in a country as safe as Singapore having a security system installed is of utmost importance. It provides a peace of mind that can not be measured. The mere presence of a CCTV systems will deter most would be criminals from trying to enter your home or from taking your property.

Can I View My CCTV On Iphone?

The technology revolution involving smart-phones has brought a whole new level of security and convenience to having a CCTV system installed inside the home or business. With these devices it is possible for you to now view your home remotely using your smart-phone. Even the IPhone supports this application.This major improvement in security is possible due to the abilities of the mobile devices being enhanced over the past few years. For the CCTV IPhone application(s) there are multiple available in the the ITunes store and installation is quite simple. In fact, if you have a CCTV system in your business or home it makes a tremendous amount of sense to have the app installed on your phone immediately.

For business owners there are several reasons to have this kind of remote access. It is hard enough to find trustworthy employees and most owners get nervous about leaving the small business they have created in the hands of someone else, even if it is for a short period of time. By accessing your CCTV on your IPhone or smart-phone you can keep an eye on whatever is going on in your location 24 hours per day.

For homeowners, having this kind of access to your home while away can give sense of security unparalleled to anything available before. IF you have children that are being looked after by a Nanny or babysitter then this applications will pay for itself over and over again. Think of it this was, you will be able to monitor your children and their activities while out on the town, or away on business. Knowing what is happening with your children is one of the most important parts of being a parent. Another idea that can be used with this system: you can check up on your children while still in the home. Take, for example, the situation of having your chiildren playing outside, or elsewhere in the house, you can watch out for them without the children ever knowing that you are keeping tabs on them. 

How much is that worth?

If you are having a new system installed there are things to consider when placing the system inside the home or business. The most important of these will be the camera placement.

Do you want it to be known that there are cameras present? If you do, do you want all of the camera placements known to customers or employees?

Having a clear line of sight is paramount. If you are particularly going to use your CCTV IPhone application most of the time it is important to remember the size of the screen. Since it is smaller this should be considered when not only placing the camera but, in the size of the area that the camera is going to cover. It would not be a smart move to have cameras in positions that were hard to view on your mobile.

CCTV installation as a whole is quiet simple when done by a professional. It is important to have a professional installation to ensure the reliability of the system and for maintenance purposes. You are spending the money for the system, guaranteeing it's performance just makes sense.

When you pruchase your system you should be sure to tell the CCTV installation professional all of the features that you plan on using, including the CCTV IPhone application, this will help in not only the placement of the cameras but, the level of service that you will require to e completely assured that your property is safe.

Taking the time to research and to write down the features that you wish to use is a great way to prepare for the use of the system. 

Finally, for those with children or, with a business that want to hide certain camera locations. Take a look at the area that you need covered and speak with the CCTV installation professional about the options available for hiding camera in plain site. These are some of the most potent tools in both stopping crime and providing security in knowing that you have everything covered.
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