Can Installing Fake CCTV Prevent Crime?

Security cameras are designed to provide valuable information after a crime has been committed but can also prevent crime. While it is necessary to install proper security cameras to provide adequate security, some security firms even recommend installing fake CCTV on business premises as a way to reduce incidences of crime. Today, there is an increasing trend in the number of CCTV cameras used in Singapore to monitor all activities within a premise. Moreover, the use of fake CCTV cameras is also popular among some business premises with an increasing need to help curb incidences of crime.

Can Installing Fake CCTV Prevent Crime?

Fake CCTV cameras actually work. For instance, a pickpocket would have to think twice before picking an item from the convenience store. A dummy camera is a deterrent that causes fear and tension among pickpockets. Most shoplifters will look around to see if there is a CCTV camera in the room before committing a crime. In most cases, some will change their mind on realizing that they are being watched. However, chances are that this may only apply to the casual thief or the inexperienced shoplifter. An experienced thief can tell the difference between a dummy camera and a real one.

In a business premise where there are valuables and the owner wishes to take security measures, purchasing real security cameras can be very helpful. On the other hand, these real security cameras can be costly to businesses. Therefore, the use of decoy cameras would be helpful both in deterring criminals, and in cutting down costs. However, no one else should know about this as it may raise the risks of being robbed. In addition, it is quite risky because the robbers can be confident when committing crimes knowing the CCTV cameras are just fake devices. As a result, it would only be a waste of time and money.

When it comes to preventing crime, both real and fake CCTV camera are quite effective. However, the only difference lies in the price. Dummy cameras are less costly and easier to manage. The fake camera may look just like a fully functional professional camera. In addition, they are easy to install and can be used in parking lots, building entry and exit points, offices, or at home. The most important aspect of security is preventing a crime before it actually happens, and decoy cameras are known to be very effective in doing so. The whole concept of layering security is dependent on the use of deterrents and not on the actual use of force to combat crime.

Installing and using real security cameras, of course, is much better than using dummies. However, monitoring and maintenance of these security cameras can be quite costly to a premise. Even though fake cameras do not send signals such as captured images and video, they send a message to the public that the premise is under CCTV security surveillance. Investing in fake CCTV cameras would be an alternative to real ones are they are effective in deterring criminals without incurring the hefty cost. The idea of decoys is to send a message to people that they are being watched.

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