Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Outdoor CCTV

There is no denying that most homesteads, offices, businesses, and institutions consider the installation of outdoor CCTV as a key factor of enhancing security. These technological devices come with great enhancements that detect objects even in the dark, which complements the human efforts in crime prevention. However, outdoor CCTV also carries certain shortcomings that directly or indirectly affect the comfort and even security concerns of some of the people that they are supposed to benefit. Some of these shortcomings are of a technical nature while others are related to various human concerns. The real value of the outdoor CCTV should be assessed as a balance between the two ends.

Pros And Cons Of Outdoor CCTV


Many security experts would readily admit that outdoor CCTV features among the best crime deterrents in the 21st century. Trends in criminality have shown that most criminals keep off from homes or places with visible installation of outdoor CCTV. The installation of these cameras contributes significantly towards the reduction of crime rates in places that were previously prone to crime. Many CCTV cameras are designed to receive and store images in real-time. In this regard, they are often relied upon to supply evidence to the police, lawyers, and other interested parties in the solving of crime.
The installation of outdoor CCTV also forms part of an early warning system in the sense that they can help to foil a criminal activity. Monitoring suspicious movements on the outdoor CCTV can help security personnel or home owners to take rapid steps meant to avert a bad situation. An approaching gun man could be sighted by the device in real-time, which could help in warning the people to take cover and alert the security officials in good time. In this manner these cameras can help stop crimes before they happen.


Some outdoor CCTV may be rendered dysfunctional due to vandalism particularly if they are not constantly monitored. Dysfunctional surveillance cameras could expose the users to grievous risks. Therefore, it is important to check the functioning capacity of these cameras as regularly as possible. The question of privacy is another concern that subtracts from the value of surveillance cameras. There is a thin line between upholding the levels of security and violating individual privacy especially within an office setting. In this regard, these cameras should be kept only in the places that are highly susceptible to crime. There is also the concern of installation costs, which could rise in accordance with the kind of gadgets used and the area of coverage. Nevertheless, these cameras are valuable deterrents against crime.
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