Pros & Cons On Installing IP Camera

IP cameras are very easy to install and they offer users many security benefits when compared to traditional analog cameras. An IP camera produces better quality images that have a higher resolution and is more flexible in its uses when correlated with an analog camera. These are some of the facts that have made IP cameras an increasingly viable option for enhancing security through CCTV recording. Crime rates are on the rise throughout the world.

Pros & Cons On Installing IP Camera

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Singapore, where many people are now opting to install home security systems as a safeguard against heightened lawlessness. IP camera installers in Singapore have continued to enjoy brisk business despite the fact that IP video commands a higher premium when compared to analog.

As you will see, the numerous benefits offered by IP cameras vastly outweigh the higher costs. This has ensured that IP camera installations have remained popular in Singapore, and overcome any reticence by enterprising dealers to offer them. Installing an IP camera comes with many pros that nullify any extra charges for technical support after deployment. This is especially true when they are used for IP CCTV monitoring in high-crime establishments like warehouses or convenience stores.

IP Camera Pros

• Progressive scanning utilized by IP cameras dramatically increases the clarity of their images when contrasted with analogue cameras.

• IP camera resolution can be more than 20 times higher than analogue versions. More pixels not only means that the image produced by an IP camera will be of a better quality, but that the image provides coverage for a larger surface area as well.

• Any footage captured by IP cameras is securely stored on a computer server. These images can later be easily retrieved for further review or for relay to other parties via email, for example.

• Data recorded by IP cameras can very easily and reliably transmit wirelessly over very long distances.

• IP cameras can conveniently utilize any pre-existing wiring existing in your building because almost all major computer protocols already recognize them as network devices.

• Recorded footage from IP cameras can be remotely accessed from a wide range of devices including PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

• Most IP cameras can incorporate more than just one camera within them. This gives them artificial intelligence capabilities which can be used to perform many different things to enhance your security, e.g. texting your phone whenever motion is detected and providing better alarm-handling capacity.

• IP cameras usually transmit backup footage to a location away from the camera itself. This can be useful in case the recorder is damaged or stolen.

• The wiring and installation process is quick and simple. IP camera video transmission is usually powered by uncomplicated Cat5 cables, which saves on time and reduces clutter.

• A single cable will often suffice in linking several IP cameras back to a single network video recorder. This saves on time and money used for running several different wires.

• The number of IP cameras can be increased continually without purchasing additional network video recorders.

IP Camera Cons

• The inclusion of additional technology in IP cameras, as well as the IT expertise required for their installation and maintenance means that IP cameras are more expensive than alternatives.

• IP cameras consume more bandwidth than analog varieties.

• There’s increased liability in cases where the IP video network exposes corporate data to a higher risk of security breaches.

• Most distributors of IP camera technology only offer the IP camera video system in parts, i.e. the video recorder and IP cameras may be sold by separate suppliers. To provide a complete system to their customers, installers in Singapore and elsewhere have to source managed switching and routing equipment from many different IT suppliers. This can contribute significantly to the price paid by the eventual buyer.


The obvious fact that the advantages of IP cameras greatly outnumber the disadvantages has been of tremendous assistance to IP camera vendors in Singapore in targeting customers who may have no true understanding of security matters. Today, Singapore residents are also becoming more informed about the essential security benefits that specialized IP CCTV products and camera technology that is offered by select installers within the city.

The fast pace of innovation currently being witnessed in the field of advanced technology means that IP camera systems now combine several functions into 1 device. Such cameras can today serve as a video camera, monitor, transmitter, or recorder. That should be enough to convince even the most demanding customer in Singapore on why they should hurry and get an IP camera installed at their building.
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