How To Choose CCTV Camera For Home?

In a bid to enhance their security, many Singaporeans are embracing CCTV technology in their homes. This is not strange given the many benefits that homeowners and business owners enjoy from installing cctv camera for home use. Among the most talked about advantages in include its low cost nature. With under $2000, you can be guaranteed of year-long security protection. CCTV acts as important deterrent to any bad person who may have bad intentions. Burglars are normally very observant people. Before picking on the house that they want to attack, they will first survey it even for weeks before striking. When they learn that the home has CCTV surveillance, they stop their plans since they know they will not make it without being spotted.

How To Choose CCTV Camera For Home?

Another thing about these cameras is that they give you great peace of mind. You can sleep at night knowing very well that your home is safe. By installing having these cameras installed, you will have done a lot in terms of bolstering your home security. You do not have to worry about someone breaking into your premises. Also, courtesy of modern technologies, you can access your CCTV images right on your phone. This means that even if you are in the office, you can see the status of your home through your mobile phone.

How to choose cctv camera for home use

There are several other advantages of installing CCTV cameras in your home. Due to these advantages, many people in Singapore continue to see the sense of installing these cameras. But most of them do not know where to start. This post talks about just what you need to do to get cameras that will offer you the security you need.

Understand the different CCTV cameras available

When choosing a cctv camera for home, the first thing that you need to note is that they are very different. Different cameras have different features in terms of quality and resolution. Therefore, you need to ask your company to provide you with the list of available cameras as well as their specifications. If you have a larger home with so many houses and rooms, then you are going to need plenty of cameras.

Look for professional installers

The ability of a company to professionally install the cameras in your home without any hitches is a testament to the fact that they can be trusted. But if they cannot, chances are that they will subcontract another person to do the installation job. This will be expensive for nothing. It is far better to just look for people who are qualified in installing cctv camera for home instead of working via middlemen. Desist from companies that are only interested in selling the equipment but leave you to do the installation all by yourself.

Free installation

Still on installation, you should not be charged an extra amount of money to have the cameras installed in your home. It is important that installation is done for you free of charge as this forms part of after sale services. Therefore, you need to ask the particular company that you want to buy the cameras from if they are able to provide free installation. Remember that it is quite cumbersome to hire a different person to install the cameras in your home. It is better to deal with one company when installing cctv camera for home.

High resolution

Resolution is a very valid point when it comes to choosing cctv camera for home. This will then guarantee you that you will get the best close up images around home. Without high resolution, you won’t be able to see faces of people clearly, which is the reason you wanted to install these cameras in the first place. Get expert tips from a consultant and he will be able to advise you regarding the best resolution according to your home.


Buying a cctv camera for home can be the best investment you have ever made. This is because it will not only give you peace of mind but also save a lot of time. From your office, you can monitor what’s going on at home. If you have a maid in the house and you suspect she may be abusing your child, just install these cameras and she won’t do anything silly. Burglars will also avoid your place since they know you can be watching them from your room. Over the years, cctv cameras have proved that they are the best alternative form of security.
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