5 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing CCTV For Home

Regardless of where you live in Singapore, as a homeowner, security is always a matter of concern. However, densely populated areas in the urban region are often installed with security cameras to monitor human traffic and their unusual activities. Even though they may not know the best way to secure their home, homeowners are always concerned about providing security for their property. Below are 5 mistakes to avoid when installing CCTV for your home. The aim is not to frighten, but to inspire you to take the necessary practical steps that will ensure both you and your property are safe. 

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing CCTV For Home

1. Failing to Conduct a Security Survey, Assessment, or Audit
Without a proper security survey, you do not have enough information about the problem you want solve. For instance, when you conduct a good security survey, you are in a position to identify key problems by first defining vital assets or what must be protected. You also identify vulnerabilities, exposures, and threats to those assets. Once you are clear about what to protect, then you can know the targeted solution in terms of the course of action and therefore, the corresponding cost of implementation can be developed. Moreover, you are in a position to come up with a feasible security plan that will provide a good return on your investment. 

2. Implementing the Wrong Plan
When you decide to implement a security measure without conducting the necessary survey, you are more likely to implement the wrong thing. In your attempt to respond to security threats such as a criminal events by taking abrupt security measures, you are highly likely to implement security measures that do not solve the problem at hand. For instance, responding to a security issue by hiring a security guard or installing CCTV are often the obvious things that anyone would do. However, such solutions are double edged swords; “obvious” approaches may turn out totally wrong. An obvious point of consideration is that a guard provides security where he is standing; beyond his reach, he cannot provide security. On the other hand, CCTV cameras only act where no physical action is required to solve the security problem.

3. Not Considering Premises Liability Law
Security is no longer considered an amenity, but is viewed as a legal necessity. Generally, the law stipulates that the owners of property are solely responsible for accidents and injuries that occur within their premises, according to “premises liability”. Furthermore, these owners of property are liable if they are negligent or if they allow dangerous conditions on those properties or fail to take the necessary steps in securing their properties against criminal activities by third parties.

4. Implementing Dumb Security Measures
This refers to those security measures that can easily be bypassed by friends and foes. It is a common mistake to implement security measures representing a perception of security rather than a solid foundation, which would often lead to a false sense of home security. This could include dummy cameras, which are installed to act as a deterrent to insecurity. In fact, CCTV only aid in forensics, it does not actually deter, delay, or deny. It only detects insecurity and helps in analyzing the video footage for later action.

5. Depending Solely on CCTV
As it may have been mentioned early, CCTV does not solve the issue of insecurity in your Singapore home. If anything, any single/stand-alone security measure is never the solution. The ultimate security is taking advantage of the multiplier effect, which can only happen if security measures are aptly integrated. For instance, an access control door can only be as effective as when it is also monitored by a CCTV camera. It is only when the two are working together that it is easier to detect door status and early warning visual signals while deterring less serious intruders. Modern CCTV cameras can be expensive. Therefore, it is worthwhile to evaluate their value in terms of return on investment before deciding what the best alternative is.

Any good security assessment for a home in Singapore is the core aspect behind any effective security. While many security mistakes can be fixed, some can pose a great challenge especially if not well confronted by a properly conducted security survey. Ensure that you do a good assessment prior to installing CCTV in your home.

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