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Many home and business owners are looking for ways to protect their properties. It cannot be easy to keep a watch over your property. Maybe you have a tight working schedule, and you are not always at home. Also, when you get home to have a rest, your business is left behind, and it is out of our watch. Employing a guard might not be as effective as such because many people have complained of being victims of an inside-job robbery. To solve this, people are highly depending on the CCTV surveillance system. With such a system, you can be sure of getting the best service and surveillance over your property.


The problem comes in when you are in search of the right CCTV brand. Among the many brands of CCTCs in Singapore, the Samsung CCTV is rated as one of the best and most reliable. Since the brand has some reliable CCTV systems, other people have their complaints about them. That said, here is a look at the good and the bad of the Samsung CCTV system;

The Good

Starting with the positive side, Samsung is listed among the best in Singapore, and it is a renown company around the world. Some of the benefits of the CCTV of this brand include the following;

• They last for long

These CCTVs are known for their durability. Many Singaporeans have claimed that the Samsung CCTV systems have served them for a long time, thanks to the features that they have. They have been made with high technology that lets them run for many hours without breaking down. For instance, the CCTV system can run every day and still serve you for many years. The CCTV system will not overheat due to the long working hours, and it will also not give poor quality feeds.

• They come in a variety of options

Another great thing about Samsung is that they deliver CCTVs that come in different options and design. The CCTV cameras have been designed with different customizations to suit the needs of the client. Other than the preferences, these cameras will cover different angles at the same time. You can choose the dome cameras, box cameras, zoom cameras, thermal cameras, PTZ cameras, as well as the IR cameras. The list is long enough to let you choose the camera according to your needs.


• Innovative features

The Samsung CCTV systems are also known to be developed with the latest technology. You will be able to enjoy the features that make these systems worth installing in your property. Some of the innovative features you can find in these camera systems include day and night capture. With this feature, the camera will give you clear and high-quality videos and feeds, whether it is at night or during the day. They have been developed to work perfectly during the day and at night. They also have the backlight compensation feature that helps to make the images and motion clips clear enough.

• Reliable warranty period

When it comes to the electronic devices, one thing you will need to keep in mind is that they are and will always be susceptible to breakdowns. They have a life span, and as you use them more, their service delivery is affected. They can stop working, even without being interfered with. Samsung understands this, and that is why they are offering a long-term warranty on their products. They help customers to depend on their products and also, enjoy the reliability of the CCTV systems. The company offers a long time warranty of about five years. Within the five years, you can be sure of enjoying free services from the company’s technicians. If the system is damaged beyond repair, you can get a new system installed by the company.

• Reliable customer care

If you have any issues with the Samsung CCTV system that you have installed on your property, you can easily contact the customer service for further assistance. The company also includes a detailed manual on how to operate their systems. This makes it easier for the customer.

• Remote accessibility

With the advanced technology in place, you can access your Samsung CCTV system from wherever you are. When the CCTV system is installed, the LAN address access is activated, and you can easily access your camera feeds over the internet. You will need to enter the model number of the camera, along with the LAN address. This one makes it possible even to control the camera without being at the site. They can also be accessed easily via the mobile devices, which allows you to watch over your business and home with ease.


The Negative Side

These cameras do have some drawbacks that are not as impressive as such to the customers. Some of the cons of the Samsung CCTV cameras include the following;

• The system might be too complicated

Even though these systems come with a manual, and you can call the customer care or further help, they tend to be too complicated, and the installation and operation of the systems might be challenging. Some people have complained having difficulties to fix the system. Luckily, you can contact a professional CCTV company to have it installed and explain how to operate it.

• They are expensive

This is an issue that has been raised by several customers. Since the systems are developed with high technology and come with long-term warranty, you will most definitely expect to pay lot for it. They come in different options, which allows you to choose the one that fits your budget. The good part of it is that the high price goes well with the service delivery.

There are no much complaints about the Samsung CCTV system, other than the costs and the complexity. When you want to fix the system, it is always advised to consult a professional company. Also, ask more about the Samsung CCTVs and see if it is worth buying. You can start by asking a neighbor or a friend that has the Samsung system installed on their property. When you are sure of the features and the delivery of the system, then you can purchase it and have it installed on your property.

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