Where Can I Find CCTV With Smart Features?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or Video Surveillance is a major element of security technology in Singapore today. Over the years, rapid advancements have taken place in CCTV camera technologies, such as CCTV with smart features. A CCTV video surveillance system with smart features is a revolutionary technology that comes with the most advanced IP Network Security Cameras.


Closed Circuit Television systems with intelligent and perceptive features can ensure the utmost peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. Moreover, they are also capable of identifying, tracking and analyzing movements of objects and people. These systems tend to be so smart that it is possible to adjust their settings in order to monitor and detect particular behaviours, and relevant alerts and notifications.

What Are The Benefits Of A CCTV System With Smart Features?

You will not require a security guard once you have a video surveillance system because you will gain 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. Once such a system is programmed to monitor and detect particular types of behaviours, you will not have to worry that suspicious behaviour might get overlooked or not be noticed. Once any of the particular behaviours that have been programmed into the system are detected, alerts and notifications will be sent so that the event can be verified and the relevant action can be taken.

What Kind Of Smart Features Do Advanced CCTV Systems Offer?

- Unlike overall motion detection, one of the intelligent features of these systems offers an excellent method of capturing movement. A line can be drawn near an area you want to protect from intrusion, such as across a door or window, and if someone crosses that line, the system sends an alert/notification along with a snapshot of the intruder. It can be regarded as an invisible, virtual tripwire and tripping it triggers a silent alarm in the form of the alert/notification.

- Another intelligent feature of these systems is also related to capturing movement. Instead of just a single tripwire-like line, any kind of abstract line shape can be drawn in order to cover the entire perimeter of an area that you want to protect from intrusion. This is an excellent feature for places like parking lots, stores and warehouses, where movement only needs to be monitored and identified in a specific area. This is particularly useful for irregularly shaped areas.

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- These systems also offer a feature that can prove to be ideal for places where it can be dangerous if someone leaves behind a suspicious bag or package unattended. These places include airports, bus stations, train stations, etc. Much like the above, any kind of irregular line shape can be drawn around an area that needs to be monitored for any suspicious objects being abandoned and left unattended. If such a suspicious unattended object is detected, the system sends an alert/notification along with a snapshot of the object.

- One of the reasons people require constant monitoring of an area and prevent break-ins or intrusions is because they do not want something or things to get stolen. This can be anything from expensive raw materials to a prized possession. A CCTV system with smart features offers a feature that can prove to be useful when you wish to be alerted and notified if a particular costly and important object goes missing from a specific area. Such a feature can prove to be ideal for a store or warehouse where important objects are housed and want to keep track of them.

- Another very important and intelligent feature of such video surveillance systems is that they send alerts/notifications whenever the area/scene being monitored changes. For example, if the CCTV camera is moved by an intruder, an alert is sent by the system regarding the change in the scene. Similarly, an alert/notification will also be sent if the camera is blacked out or covered up.

- Some of infrared video surveillance cameras also come with another intelligent feature built into them that is known as Smart IR. This feature adjusts the intensity of the infrared LEDs in them as a result of which an object does not get overexposed because of its distance. In the past, images would get whited out by infrared LEDs, especially the faces of people. This technology is now included in just about every infrared camera.

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Where Can You Find CCTV With Smart Features?

At the website of a CCTV Specialist in Singapore, you should be able to find all types of the latest and greatest security cameras for home and office use. Any leading CCTV and security system supplier in Singapore will be able to provide you a system that comes with some of the smartest features and records incredible detail. You can even get a FREE onsite quotation by giving them a call.

With the cutting edge technology of their systems, you will be able to save the expense of hiring 24/7 security guards or installing costly lasers. The fact that you will receive alerts/notifications in your email or on your cell phone, you will gain some peace of mind knowing that your premises will be safe from break-ins and intrusions. Similarly, abandoned/unattended objects, missing objects and scene changes can also be detected and notified by these systems.


The most convenient method of finding and then ordering an appropriate video surveillance system is to order online from a company that specializes in them. At the very least, you should call them over to your site so they may provide you a quote. You will likely also receive professional and proper advice regarding where security cameras should be placed in order for them to be most effective. The installation will also hopefully be smooth and take a minimal amount of time.

Overall, a CCTV security and video surveillance system with smart features like the ones highlighted in this article should provide you excellent value for money. While typical Close Circuit Television cameras and systems can prove to be quite useful, those with features like these add an additional, robust layer of security. Now you know where you can find and order one from, you should be able to get such a system installed in your premises too

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