4 Worst Mistakes People Make In CCTV Installation

CCTV installation has become a very common trend both in workplaces and residential buildings as well as in private properties. Anyone concerned about their safety and security must highly consider investing in CCTV. With increase in maid abuses, blatant property destruction, burglary and theft cases, CCTV provides the most efficient way of ensuring seamless surveillance for every minute. There are many advantages of installing CCTV cameras in your home or workplace. Some of the benefits include instant threat identification, accountability, seamless surveillance, evidence in case of robbery and violence and reduced worry especially for those working far from their homes. While these benefits are straightforward, there are many cases where CCTV installations fail to accomplish the desired results. This may be due to one or more of various mistakes people make in these installations. Here are four of the most common mistakes made in installation.


1. Insufficient background research on installers

This is one of the biggest mistakes many people make when looking for CCTV installation. There are many businesses in Singapore offering these types of installation and all of them market their services as the best in the market. However, only a few actually have the capacity to deliver their promises as agreed. While there are a number of attributes that can be used to distinguish reputable installers, most people only perform a light evaluation. It is important to take security matters very seriously and perform a comprehensive evaluation of each company proposed for the installation. Different companies have different quality standards, working protocols, technological edge, capacity to deliver and customer assistance. When looking for installers, reputation, reliability, convenience, professionalism and experience are all important consideration aspects. Some important questions that can be used to gauge the credibility of installation companies include;
• How many years of service experience does the company have?
• How many completed projects are there to refer to?
• What is the opinion of previous clients on the level of service?
• Is the business registered and licensed to provide such installation?
• What is the overall and general reputation of the company?
Finding answers to these questions will provide more information about the company installing your CCTV surveillance system and their ability to meet your demands.


2. Installing CCTV without security survey

It is very common for people to go straight into installing CCTV cameras before conducting a security survey. Most people are overwhelmed by the many benefits having CCTV will bring and oversight the need for strategic installation. This often has many demerits. There are cases where burglars have made it away with stolen property simply because the camera placements offered several black-spots and uncovered areas. It is advisable to always conduct a security survey whether installing in your home, apartment or workplace. The survey will help you determine the already existing security plan and cameras. This then makes it easier to pick strategic locations that will provide the desired coverage. It also helps in finding inconspicuous locations to place the cameras. Conducting thorough survey has many advantages that range from complete coverage to reduced installation costs. Through the survey, you will be able to determine the most important areas to position the cameras. You do not necessarily need to have many cameras around as many people may think although having surveillance from as many areas as possible is still recommendable if it suits your budget. Surveys also identify how other cameras are capturing the area and give a vivid illustration of what your own installations will be covering.

3. Self-installing CCTV systems

CCTV installations are without a doubt expensive especially if done for a large area. The cameras and sensory systems available in modern application integrate advanced computing technologies and are not cheap. One of the common resort people choose when seeking to cut down the budget is to think they can install as perfectly as professionals. While some people have managed to put up CCTV systems without professional assistance, there are often many concerns with such installations. Besides, maintenance and troubleshooting may cost much more when there is a fault with the system. It is very possible to complete installation on your own. However, the procedures are not part of your qualifications and there are various minor details that professionals are aware of (from experience) and they offer helpful insights. Moreover, professional installers are accountable for their services and their ultimate goal is to ensure all your needs are met as agreed. They can perform re-installation whenever necessary and have all the technical and professional knowledge to provide the best CCTV installation. It is therefore advisable to contract experienced installers who have a reputation of delivering high quality services. Avoid selecting installers based on price alone and make sure the quotes are the last consideration after all other service aspects have been deemed acceptable.

CCTV Installation

4. Depending on CCTV only

It is common for people to install expensive CCTV cameras and stop at that. While this is a very important step towards boosting the security of your home, office or property, CCTVs can only offer much in securing total surveillance. It is therefore important to incorporate other surveillance procedures. Usually, having another person or company handling the CCTV feeds is inevitable. As mechanical and electrical systems, CCTV systems and cameras will fault from time to time. Having another person handling the footage and frequently troubleshooting the system for problems can go a long way in reducing maintenance costs and identifying risks as promptly as possible. CCTVs should therefore be complimented with alarm systems, motion sensors and remote footage backups that can be accessed at any time to assess threats. This will ensure footage is seamless and any error is corrected immediately it arises. As a result, there will be no vulnerability left for burglars and malicious intenders to exploit. You can consult with the installer for any additional system that will work to compliment the footage provided.


CCTV installation will continue to trend, especially with increasing levels of criminal activity. It is one of the most effective ways of providing security and surveillance to your property. Always choose credible businesses that are experienced in such installations. Price and quotes should only be the last part of decision making. Finally, always ensure the technology and camera specifications used are of latest quality and use the most effective systems that are hard to break through.

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