How Much Does It Cost To Install CCTV

Installing CCTV Cameras in homes is a dream of every homeowner living in and around Singapore. The question is, will you afford to pay for the price? Do you know how much it costs to install and maintain this precious feature? There are many service providers in Singapore. Some offer quality services with a competitive price while others offer services which are not worth the price. Will you go for someone who will provide unsatisfactory services? I bet no. For this reason, you need to know the most effective installer before you decide to hire one. Read on to get a gist of what you need to get the best value out of your investment as well as keep your home safe and secure all the time:


Why you need a CCTV camera at home

· To avoid any cases of burglary which will make you lose your assets-
the cameras will capture the images of the suspects in any case and therefore easy identification by the investigators.

· The CCTV cameras contain security alarms and this will scare them away if they want to break into your home and therefore keeping your security at par.

The cameras can also detect fire outbreaks at your home and send the signals to the fire fighters to prevent the severe effects of fire.

· The cameras prevent losses resulting from theft by your workers at home.

They will not have the guts to steal your items because they know that they are monitored and they can be caught easily.

Having looked at the advantages of the cameras, it’s now time to get into best options that are available in the market. The benefits outshine the cost. This means that you need them in your homes. Here are the options:

CCTV Packages

There are many CCTV options that are circulating in the markets of Singapore. When you go for one, mind both the initial and the installation cost of the cameras. Some of the options include:

Install CCTV

· Hidden CCTV cameras-

these cameras are ideal for monitoring the public without their notice. They are available in different designs and colors hence you can choose the best out of them. The wireless cameras are the most popular in Singapore because one cannot detect them easily. Will you afford to buy them? If you consider the service that they provide and the initial purchasing cost, you can agree with me that they are worth the price. They are affordable for anybody who is on an average budget.

· Infrared security cameras-

these cameras use the latest technology to capture clear images even in places where there is low light intensity. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. What about the price? Not expensive.

· Dome CCTV Cameras-

these cameras may not be necessary for you if you own a one room house. They are best for those homeowners who have a large house. They are doom shaped in shape and therefore they can monitor a large area from one strategic point. The main advantage of these cameras is, the public is not able to detect the direction at which the cameras are filming.

Summary of the CCTV options

The cost of CCTV cameras varies from one product to another. The product you choose depends on your needs. If your aim is to go for something cheap that can be accommodated by your budget, the indoor and the doom shaped cameras are the best options for you. For those who want the best quality camera that will guarantee 100% property security both day and night, the infrared CCTV cameras are the best choice for you. They are expensive though than the other options.

Factors that determine the cost of a CCTV camera in Singapore
· Functions of the system-

you can agree with me that IP CCTV cameras are expensive than the normal indoor cameras. This is because they have added feature which enhances the security of your assets. You can even monitor your assets using your Smartphones if you have a strong internet connection.

Cost To Install CCTV

· The storage options of the CCTV footage-

the cost depends whether you will be using a computer or a DVR for storage. Those who opt to use a DVR will pay an extra amount on top of the price of the camera. To save the storage memory, the cameras can be customized to record footage when the sensors are only activated.

· The number of features that the camera have-

it is obvious that cameras with more features will be expensive compared to those that have a single feature.

Dummy CCTV cameras

Most homeowners are on a budget constraint and they have decided to go for dummy cameras which are acquired at a price as low as $50. Are you among those unlucky homeowners? If yes, I suppose you were misguided. Buddy, did you consider the impeding danger of those cameras to your assets? Brother, did you think why the camera is so cheap? Dear readers don’t say I did not tell you. Those dummies will cause more harm to your assets. If you want to spell doom to your assets, then go for them. They do not show clear pictures and this means that they will not help you. There are high definition Cameras which can guarantee you the best value of your money. Don’t fear the price; mind the security of your assets. It will be better to go for a $500 camera that will deliver than a $40 product that will be a sleeping dog.


Consulting an expert should be your first step before deciding the CCTV system you want to purchase. The prices range between $500 and $1500. Suppose you have a one room house, will you go for the $1500 system? In short I mean, enough research is needed before deciding to invest in the Cameras. Do not drain your bank on CCTV Cameras. Maintain the size of your pocket!

However, if you want a decent product that will give full satisfaction, then you should be prepared to use some reasonable amount. Cheap things may be deceptive as they say cheap is expensive!

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