9 Reasons Why Field Safe Pte Ltd Is The Leading CCTV Supplier

There is nothing as important as having your home or office safely secured. This can only be made possible by installing the right CCTV camera so that you don't get to worry about your home or office premise when you are away. To be assured of this kind of care you need to have the best CCTV equipment and the only company that can guarantee this is the Field Safe Pte Ltd. There are many reasons why we emphasize that we are the best and when you are in need of CCTV supplies these are just a few of the many reasons why we should be hired.


Fully Licensed and Insured

Field Safe Pte Ltd is a company that is insured, licensed and this implies that it is completely safe for us to carry out any business transaction within Singapore. Engaging a licensed firm guarantees top quality and highly professional work standards that gets to meet all the set national standards concerning security at homes as well as business premises. By being registered this is an example that Field Safe Pte Ltd is a company that is ready and willing to comply with all the regulations and safety measures which are set so as to protect the consumers. Other companies will see CCTV supplies only in terms of installation and as a way of making money. With us things are however different as we do take a different path just to ensure that our clients get to have the intended security benefits.

Reduced Installation Costs for Clients who seek installation services as well

As a licensed and insured company, Filed Safe Pte Ltd does guarantee its clients to save a lot of money in the long run especially in instances when a company’s technician may be called upon to do the cctv installation as all the medical expenses incurred will be left at the hands of our company. This is in contrary to when uninsured companies are hired for any kind of technical on a premise. Under such instances, the national laws do dictate that it will be the clients who will carter for medical and offer compensations in the event a technician get injured. By hiring Field Safe Ltd clients are assured of not experiencing any kind of this inconvenience.

Quality CCTV cameras

This is one of the benefits that clients get for engaging in business with highly reputable firms like the Field Safe Pte Ltd. As a company we do guarantee our clients CCTV's made of high quality materials that will surely withstand the test of time. Other companies in an effort to maximize their profits will always supply their clients with CCTV equipment made from low grade materials. The end result of this kind of transaction is that the given cctv supplies won’t get to perform their required functions as intended and this can greatly compromise a premise’ security. With us clients are freed from such kind of doubts as we are extra vigilant regarding the quality of our supplies.

Field Safe

Excellent Customer Support

CCTV cameras are made of some delicate electrical equipment which can experience unexpected malfunctions. This implies that the installing company should be easily accessible so that any resulting problem can get to be addressed just in time. Field Safe Ltd is an exception as we have a client support which can be reached at any time of the day. In addition our customer support staff is very friendly and will take it upon their responsibility to ensure that any problems experienced by our clients get to reach our easier. After receiving this kind of information we will always dispatch our technical team who can be counted upon for quick arrival so as to apply the necessary fix.

CCTV cameras which are up to the latest technological upgrades

To deliver maximum security to the home or an office where a given CCTV has been installed as to guarantee a highly reliable security platform, it is important to take into consideration the latest technological trends. Using outdated technologies can greatly compromise a premise’ security as it is possible for unwanted infiltration to be made on such systems. Field Safe Pte Ltd do guarantee CCTV's which are run by the latest software and hardware capabilities and this ensures that security is an aspect that can get to delivered at comfort.

Many CCTV camera systems to choose from

CCTV cameras are made with different specifications so as to conform to the different situations which may require for installation of these equipment depending on what is at stake. As a highly reputable supplier, Field Safe Pte Ltd has enough stock of CCTV cameras and for instance clients can choose cameras with specific resolutions which they do feel will meet their security demands. The selection process can get complicated however we do have a team of experts who will offer valuable advice on what kind of CCTV camera to pick.

CCTV Supplier

Highly Affordable and Competitive Prices for our CCTV Equipment

By hiring Field Safe Pte Ltd for the supply and installation of CCTV cameras clients will be assured of to deals when it comes to pricing. This implies that lots of money can be saved as we can embark on the whole CCTV project at very affordable costs. We will only charge for the specific services offered and for any kind of complication that might be encountered while doing the installation. With this, clients get to have the opportunity to only pay for the services which they can see. This is unlike other situations where some suppliers will always include hidden charges which in the end results to overcharging of clients.

Qualified Professionals who are very good at their expertise

To deliver the best CCTV experience we have a team of experienced professionals who will ensure that only the best services get to be delivered. This team is well versed with all the relevant skills needed to deliver to quality CCTV installation services. In addition Field Safe Pte Ltd professionals are not in any way prone to making mistakes as our training demands that any installation should be carried out wit high level professional care.

Guarantee Proper Installation

It can be greatly disappointing for clients to make expensive purchase of CCTV cameras only for the security to be compromised due to improper installation. By consulting Field Safe Pte Ltd chances of experiencing this kind of mishap are non-existent as we are a highly competent firm that will follow all the necessary steps for effective installation. This has been made possible as we have just the right pool of professionals who at all times will always ensure that our service mark get to deliver the expected results.

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They are really professional. They came down and offer an onsite quote. They advice us on the best placement for the security cameras for maximum effectiveness. Everything was done really smooth and within a few hours, all the cameras were set properly. Very good service and great value for money!
Mr Eddie Wong
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I installed CCTV for my office. They came and advice me on which camera is best used in office and also where to place it. The price they offered is superb in the market. Very quality products and well versed CCTV Consultant. I am very pleased with the service.
May Ng
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